I can’t believe it. I’m in shock. I booked my ticket last night. It’s all becoming so real. Leaving January 9th. CRAZY.

So many mixed emotions right now. I don’t feel ready. Like, at all. I’m starting to panic a little bit. Ok, a little a lot.

I’m excited that God is giving me this opportunity to share the gospel. I’m also scared that I’m going to miss out on some things here..  but, I’m just trusting God, that He has a plan in all of this.

No matter how I feel, this is clearly His will for me right now, and I will be obedient. I know that as soon as I’m there it’ll be great. It’s usually in the preparing/waiting/unknown that I get a bit antsy and doubtful, but as soon as it comes down to it it’s all good. 🙂

HE is God, in control. I know not all His plans, but I know I’m in His hands. With His word, equips us. Whatever is His way, all is well.

My flesh, would really just like to stay here. Out of my own being, I would not be going. Then I think, Jesus died for me, HE DIED.. I am to live for Him and be a witness and serve and obey Him. If He calls me to go, then I will go and tell people about what He did for them.

In all of this, I am so thankful for my friends and family. If it weren’t for God speaking through you, I’d probably be in a belly of a fish somewhere.