God is for us, not against us.

Gods plans are higher than ours.

God will never leave or forsake us.

God can calm to storm in just one word.

God is in control.

God is always good.

God is still with me, wherever He leads me.

Today has been hard for me. I can’t understand why some things happen. I don’t see why God would let some of these heartbreaking events happen. I know He is good, He has a plan. Something good will come from this..

20 days until I leave for Bolivia! Many mixed emotions. Excited. Scared.

Last week, I met 2 couples from here, that are doing missions right close to where I will be living! Their children even attend at the school I will be at! I think that having them there will help a lot. They did a presentation here last week Thursday, and it just reminded me of why I am going. It kind of gave me a kick in the butt and got me really excited again:)

I still need a lot of funding for this trip, I’m praying God will supply for His work.

I want to be a light. God to shine through me and open the eyes of people I come in contact with. People should see God, when they see me. For Him to use me in any and every possible way. It may be hard and not always be what I want, but if HIS will is being done, that’s all that matters. I serve our living God and Saviour.

I surrender my life to Him. All of it. Everything.

Yesterday was my last day subbing at Blue Hills. I was subbing for the girl who is now, me. So I felt very at home, doing what I was doing. I even had an hour one on one time with the student I was caring for when I worked there. It did something to my heart. I probably won’t see these children until I come back from Bolivia. It was heartbreaking. I re-connected with my students, we had our same insiders, jokes, those little looks and glances. It was bittersweet. I hope and pray I will connect with my students in Bolivia like that:)

I really just want each and every one of my students, both here, and the ones I will have in Bolivia, to know that I love them, I care about them, I am here for them… but most of all, that Jesus loves them, Jesus cares for them, Jesus is there for them.

20 days to enjoy the snow and the Christmas season with loved ones! I want to enjoy every moment with them that I can:) I’m finally getting all my Christmas shopping done and it’s beginning to feel a bit more like Christmas! I’m loving the snow! The sun is finally shining nicely, and it has warmed up quite a bit! The last while its been -30, -40 with the wind, today, it is -14, sunshine and no wind! I love it.

I’m so very blessed and thankful to have my family and many friends whom I love so dearly.