Here’s a little daily idea as to what I have been doing my first while in Bolivia:)

Things have been really good so far. I am still adjusting, but I am truly loving the Bolivia lifestyle!


January 9,2017

Well the day has come! I am no longer in Canada! I flew out at 8am. I am spending the night in Houston, Texas!
This morning was quite a bit harder than I had thought it would be. As some of my family turned to leave, I could help but shed a few tears. Suddenly I felt so alone. So lost. I didn’t know what I would do now. Like I didn’t have the strength. I just wanted to run after them and go back home.
As I got to my gate, I just kept thinking of Mark 16:15
And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every living creature.”
I know it will not alway be easy, but God has commanded to do this, and He has called me to this right now, He will be with me.
I arrived in Houston around 1:30pm (12:30pm home-time) I had to make 4 calls to try to get a shuttle from the hotel I’m staying to pick me up. But eventually made it:)
Then I tried calling a few places to see if I could get food delivered here, and NO ONE delivers to this place. So I end up going to a 24hr Restaurant called Hot Biscuit, which was pretty much right beside the hotel.
After, I went back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit! About to hit the hay soon. (It’s 7:30 here,) but I am just so exhausted and need to prepare for another day of flying tomorrow!

January 10 2017

So today was a lot of flying. Close to 10 hours. It was pretty a pretty exhausting day. I got up at 5:15 (Houston time) which felt super early because it was 4:15am at home. My shuttle left at 5:45 from the La Quinta Inn. I arrived at the airport shortly after 6. There were quite a few long lines. I got to my gate around 7:30, which was pretty early considering my flight didn’t leave until 9:15. I arrived at Panama at 2:40 (Panama time) Just as I got there, I couldn’t find which gate I was supposed to go to! My flight to Santa Cruz was supposed to leave at 4:05. After standing in line for about 30 minutes, I finally got to ask someone. My flight was now delayed until 6:30! So that meant I got to just sit and chill for a few hours. I was getting soo restless. Finally we could start boarding! As I’m standing in a crowd of people, I suddenly hear these 2 men speak german! So me, being the creepy person that I am, just went and stood beside them. I didn’t say anything. They didn’t know that I understood them. They kept talking to one another in German and I just shnacked up and smiled. lol It just made me feel a little safer. Not so alone. Anyway.. lol We sat in the plane for over an hour before we took off because there was a baby who was having some medical thing. I was getting pretty antsy. On the COPA flight, we each got a blanket we could use, so that was pretty cool. We also got a free supper on the plane! Not exactly the best food, but enough to fill the stomach:) This flight felt like the longest out of them all so far. I was constantly checking the time and trying to find ways to pre-occupy myself. I listened to The Piano Guys, I watched a few episodes, I just sat and stared (I’m a mennonite, that’s what we do lol) I tried to sleep, looked through my pictures on my phone, went through messages on my phone, played a few rounds of Phase 10, a few rounds of President, tried to sleep again, went to the bathroom just to get up and stretch a bit.. was just so unreal bored. I arrived at Santa Cruz at 1:30am. When it came to to look for my checked luggage, mine were nowhere to be found. It took me 3 different tries to get a guy who spoke very little English. Then it took until 2:30am for them to get the information to call me once they find it. I was feeling quite overwhelmed at this point. When I got to customs, (which of course I was selected to the extra check to go through my bags) I found Arlie, who is the mission director and his daughter, and off to Villa Nueva we were! The trees here are SOO beautiful. And of course there was a random checkstop we had to go through. I don’t know if today just wasn’t my day or what, but it’s been an adventure already. Well, now I’m at my new home called Casa Blanca, and ready to get some shut eye! I hope and pray God will protect me.


20170110_101717January 11 2017

Got up and 10am (7am in La Crete) jumped into an ice cold shower.. like very cold. Got dressed, I had one pair of extra pants so I got to use that with a shirt I used a few days ago.. so used a lot of deodorant today lol I have an air conditioner in my room! I don’t know why I didn’t turn it on last night. But anyway, as I turned it on, it kind of opens, and I saw a little face staring at me lol, not sure if it was a snake or lizard or what. So Joanna was gone out of the room, peeked in and couldn’t see it anymore so I’ll probably have a visitor in the middle of the night haha:) Anyway, I walk across the street to Arlie and Eva’s. Arlie wasn’t home but I got to meet Eva and their children. We ate breakfast, corn flakes and a piece of toast, and after we talked a bit. When breakfast was done, we walked back to my house so she could explain a few things to me. After she left, I cleaned up a little and then had a nap for about 2 hours! I went back to their house around 3, had lunch there, beef and rice, tasted really good! Then we went to Pailon! We shopped around at a few second hand places for clothes for me to wear, since my bags aren’t here yet. After we went to a few stores we stopped in at the market. It was exactly the way I had pictured it, yet at the same time totally different. They bought a few things, I bought a few necessities I’d need until my bags arrive. As we were headed out we stopped at a phone store! I was soo excited to finally be able to contact people. We got a new SIM card and a pay card and headed home. As we got back, it was about 7pm already, and tried to put the PIN into the phone, it kept saying unsuccessful! I got a bit discouraged but we’re planning on going back tomorrow, so hopefully it works then! At around 8:00 I went back to Arlie and Evas, and we had supper, leftovers from lunch. Then their 2 daughters were telling me many stories about their lives and school and their friends. I like them so much already. I can definitely tell that they grew up in a strong Christian home. They just see the best in everyone and just want to be kind to everyone, it’s so sweet. After about an hour or so of their stories I got to connect my phone to Evas hotspot and got to send out a few messages!:) Now it’s 10:00 here and I’m waiting for the clothes I bought today to be down in the washer, so I can put them in the dryer to be ready tomorrow. Goodnight<3


January 12 2017

This morning I went to Arlie and Evas for breakfast (we had smoothies), and she put on the hotspot for a bit and I found out Martin was here! So after breakfast, I walked over to the guesthome and met him there. We had terere and sat and talked with some people I didn’t really know. Then Wayne and Sadie appeared! They had gotten here last night. So we all sat and talked for a while. Then we went for a walk trying to find a place to eat. We didn’t have much luck, but ended up buying an ice cream. I very quickly realized that you need to eat it pretty fast!! The ice cream melts very quickly in this heat. Around supper time in started to rain which was really awesome! The heat had started getting to me a bit. Martin and I sat outside under the tin roof while it was raining. It was amazing. I love the rain. Around 7, I walk to Arlie and Evas and Eva and eat some supper, chicken, veggies and pasta egg salad. Eva and I left to go to Santa Cruz around 8:30pm to pick up my luggage! They had finally called and said it had arrived! Before we went to Santa Cruz, we stopped in at Pailon to fix my phone…it didn’t work. When we were at Santa Cruz airport, we talked to a lady and she gave me a pass thing and I went to the back with her. I GOT MY BAGS! We were back home around 12:30am.

January 13 2017

Today started off with me going to Arlie and Evas in the morning, but most of them were still sleeping so I went home and unpacked. When I went back a bit later, they were all awake. I had some delicious pineapple for breakfast! After breakfast I walked over to the guesthouse and hung out there a while. Tried to get my phone working but had no luck. Around 1 I went back to Arlie and Evas because she had mentioned we would go to Pailon to pick up some groceries for me. But she had just gone down for a nap so we would leave a bit later. So Martin and I end up relaxing at my house. We made a little bit of food for lunch, then we started watching the German Skit. Eva came over around 4:00 and the 3 of us went to Pailon! I got a lot of food. I was surprised and how inexpensive most things are here. After, when all the groceries were put away, we sat outside on the deck relaxing. When it came time for supper we made grilled cheese (with mennonite cheese) and had cereal. After supper was cleaned, we watched a bit more of the video, played a few rounds of uno, then sat outside for quite a while. I love sitting outside, listening to all the sounds of nature, it’s beautiful.

January 14 2017

This morning I got up around 7:30, showered got ready then had some yogurt for breakfast! Around 9:30 I went to the guesthouse. I hung around there until about 3. Then we went back to my house and we made lunch (pasta&chicken), were very chill here. After, we went back to the guesthouse for about an hour. When we were back at my house later on, we had supper and watched a few shows. sat outside to drink terere and knack zoat. The sunset tonight was absolutely stunning! I think I could get used to this kind of lifestyle. Church tomorrow!

January 15 2015

Got up at 7am today. Showered at got ready. Then started preparing for breakfast. Martin came for breakfast at around 8. Around 8:40 we started walking to church. Church was so good! It was all in german, but I understood it all for the most part! I will really have to work on learning how to read German. Came back to my house, watched a video and ate popcorn! It was super chill. Then we sat outside for a while, and all of a sudden I see a turtle!! On my yard. I am s0 pumped. We go over to it and I take many pictures. It wanted to go out of the yard, so we opened the gate and watch it walk away. Soon, Eva comes over, and tells me that Iliana has a pet turtle! Whoops!!! The neighbours had called her to tell her it was at their place. My bad lol. Made lunch, then chilled outside again. After sitting outside for a while we go for a walk. Later on, we went to the guesthouse where Martin is staying. Relaxed there for a while. Then around 7 we go back to my place for supper. Watched another show in the evening.

January 16 2017

Woke up around 7 today, couldn’t shower because the shower kept clogging up. So I tried the best I could! Then cleaned up a bit and did some reading and trying to translate german and english. When Martin got here, we sat outside for a while, having coffee then after, made breakfast (grilled cheese.) After breakfast we just relaxed a bit, sitting outside. Then I got my german-english dictionary and we went through the book a bit, it’s super interesting. Made lunch, then had some terere and talked. Then we watched a movie (Harvest Moon.) Eva came by around 5 to do orientation, she told me about to history of the mission organization and just kind of who the mission is. Really interesting!! That lasted until about 8, so after, made supper and talked with Martin for a while, (he didn’t leave today after all.) Right before I went to bed, I saw a little LIZARD in my bathroom!! Yikes. At least it was small.

January 17 2017
Got up at 7:30, cleaned up the house and got ready, water the house to look clean because Gabi is coming here today! I’m excited but nervous to meet her. I’m probably going to go to Santa Cruz today sometime to get shoes, (the ones i have are very painful) and get a phone!! Martin came over for a bit and we had lunch. I saw a dead RATTLESNAKE on the road!! Then after lunch we went to the guesthouse for a while. I was planning to leave for Santa Cruz around 1:30. Before we left I met my roommate Gabi! She seems nice, it was only a very quick introduction. At Santa Cruz we went to the dentist first for Arlie and Evas children, then went to the largest market in Santa Cruz called _____ to get my phone!! After, we went to the vet for their dog, then for another market called ‘Zasta August’ (6th of August), thats where most mennonites go to do their shopping. We just ran in and got shoes for me and left. We stopped in at Burger King for supper on the go and were back at Villa Nueva around 9.20170117_091417
January 18 2017
I went over to the guesthouse for breakfast around 6. We sat outside and had coffee. I LOVE the Bolivian lifestyle. I could really get used to it. It’s so different but so amazing. I love sitting outside in the morning hearing the birds everywhere. It’s just beautiful. The Groenings (Anne & Diedrich (who own the guesthouse)) came and talked with us for a while. They helped me out with my phone and told me I could come there anytime to just talk, have coffee or terere or even just to sit somewhere in private to use their wifi! And if I needed a ride anywhere they would be more than willing to give me rides, or if I ever just needed a hug or just to talk to a ‘mom’ that they were there. That comforted me a lot, made me feel like I had somewhere to go if I needed anything 🙂 After Martin and I had to say our final goodbye, which was soo hard. It’s been so amazing to have him here, it’s really helped me adjust:) Was back at my house around 10, Gabi and I talked a bit and had some terere, just getting to know one another a bit, she seems really friendly! I’ll really have to think german and learn more!! Eva came over for a bit just to explain a few things. Then I went to a Froese lady here here, and she helped me put credit on my phone! So if you need to get a hold of me, add me in your contacts with this number, +59170280684. Then you can add me on whatsapp an we can talk 🙂 When I got back, We made pizza for lunch! It tasted so good. She prayed for the meal. Then after we held maddach shoap! I tried but I couldn’t fall asleep:/ So i just relaxed a bit:) Went to the meeting at 3:00, it was good! More history about the Bolivan Mennonites. Then came home, finished laundry, there was a thunderstorm! We cleaned out the cupboards and did some cleaning, then the power went out for about a half hour! So we used candles and kept working 🙂 After supper, (which seems to be normal having it around 8 around here) I went to Arlie and Evas to shower because our system is plugged:/ So that also means we have a large pile of dishes that need to be done! We were thinking if its not fixed by lunchtime tomorrow we would have to just wash dishes the old fashioned way, in a bowl, then throw the water out of the kitchen sink! haha. Today has been good. I thank God for the strength He gives.

January 19 2017

Got up around 6:30 today. I didn’t have a very good night, due to the MAJOR thunderstorm in the night, as well as some dreams. But I got ready, made a coffee and sat outside to read a little while. Folded my laundry, then walked back and forth, in and out of the house. Very restless! Made scalloped potatoes and meat for lunch, tasted so good! After lunch, I held madcap shloap until about 3. Then, I washed our many many dishes (in a big bowl and threw the water out of the window) And cleaned up the house a bit. Around 4, while Gabi and I were having terere, Melanie (pronounced Me-Lawn-E) came over and we shpitzeered. Went to the store close by to pick up a few things, then came home and made sandwhiches for supper, Melanie joined us. After supper I had a shower (at Arlie and Evas, because ours is still having issues. ) Then just relaxed in bed for the remainder of the evening! It was a bit more of a hard day today, hoping tomorrow will be better:) I’m planning on going to the Groenings for coffee tomorrow morning and help her out with.. kinda like a garage sale. See how it goes:)

Prayer Requests:

That I look to Him in whatever else may be going on
Get over fear of man and my shyness
To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
Languages, that He would give me the clarity I need
Just a reminder, my new number is +591 70280684. Then add me on WhatsApp:)

*note the plus (+) is quite important.

Sorry for not having any photos. I will try to put some up as internet/technology and time allows:)

Thank you everyone<3