January 27 22017
Got up at 7, got ready, went to school. Last day of training today!! Was on how to evaluate a child and give proper marks. Was home around 2, had a short nap, went to Ilianas for terere. Was there for a while, Whitney was there as well. Came home, chilled, had supper. Then showered. My foot had been hurting all day, so Gabi gave me a foot massage! Then around 9, I went into my room and talked on the phone for a while. Melanie left for Sommerfeld (where she will be teacher) around 10. Now it’s bedtime!:)

January 28 2017
Got up at 7, Iliana and I had planned on going to Santa Cruz around 9, so since I had some time, I did my hair and make-up (which is a rare thing for me here.) We left for Santa Cruz shortly after 9. We got a ride to Pailon, then got a taxi to the taxi place in Santa Cruz, then got a taxi to the mall! lol. We arrived at the mall about 10:30, but the mall didn’t open until 11. Right beside the mall is a Starbucks!! So we go in and get a drink and sit for a while. It felt like home! When the mall opened, we went in and right away it was like I was back in Canada. Everything felt so much more like it is back home. We went into a few different stores. I could’ve gone nuts in a few of the stores!! Such amazing stuff! Bought some things and had lunch in the mall, ate at a place with amazing chicken! After lunch went into a few more stores then started making our way home. Were back In Villa Nueva around 3! I made some coffee (with my new french press) and sat outside for a while! Then came inside, read and chilled for the rest of the day! Read Daniel 10 today. Really made me think!! I found the Prince of Persia part interesting. The angels wait for orders from God. God waits for us to ask. Just made me think of how there is a battle going on, and God wants to give us answers, but sometimes there is a heavenly battle going on that makes it take more time. But we shouldn’t cease praying! Makes me think of all the times heaven was waiting for me to ask, and I never prayed. All those angels ready and willing to help and fight, but I never even ask. Daniel never stopped praying. I need to learn how t pray like Daniel.

January 29 2017
Woke up at 7, got read for church, then went to church at 8:40. Pastor Abe Harder did the message today, I really liked it. It was about the story of Joseph, Genisis 37-50. The whole topic was about making things right. No matter how hurt we may be, no matter what we’ve been put through, we are still responsible to make it right, with God and with other people that may be involved. Also, that we can’t be pointing fingers and blaming things on other, we are still responsible to make it right before God and LET IT GO. Joseph was hurt, I’m sure he was angry and his brothers. when he was imprisoned, while still feeling angry at them, and it wasn’t until he had made things right and decided to forgive his brothers, that he was able to get out of prison. Did they ask for forgiveness? No. But Joseph still decided to forgive them and give it the the Lord. It often feels like our hands are chained when we are in situations like that, slaves, in bondage, but in all reality, we are holding onto the chains! We can let go!!
There was communion right after church! It was good. They gave us time to make things right before the Lord if there was anything that we had not let go of, or needed forgiveness for, before we took up communion.
After church and communion, while starting to make our way home (Gabi and I) Diedrich and Anne asked if we wanted a ride home, and then they invited us for lunch! So we went there and sat outside drinking terere, eating chocolates from Germany, and shpitzeering while Diedrich was barbecuing! Then Henry Buhler came for lunch as well. We sat outside to eat! We had Barbecued pork it tasted really good! After lunch, we went inside and sat on the couches for a while talking. I tried some cherimoya fruit, I was a bit scared to try it, but I love it! Then Anne, Gabi and I played Phase 10! We all finished on the same round, with all the exact amount of points!! It was pretty cool 🙂 Diedrich gave us a ride home at 4:00. I was feeling pretty tired so I took a nap, I didn’t really think I would be able to but I fell asleep right away and slept until 6! Then I got up, sat and talked with Gabi for a bit, made coffee and sat outside for a bit! As I was sitting outside, Iliana and John (her fiancé) came over! We went inside and played a few.. lot rounds of uno! I enjoyed it:) Those ‘pick up’ cards are meant to ruin friendships, I’m pretty sure of it lol They left shortly after 9. Then I went and made a few phone calls and ready to hit the hay now!

January 30 2017
Woke up at 5:30AM!! I need to start getting used to getting up earlier, since that is when I will have to get up once school starts. (School starts February 8) So I got ready, made coffee, sat outside and read for a while:) Mornings are my favourite. It’s so unreal peaceful. I love listening to the birds and just the many sounds of nature. I honestly could live here. (If it wasn’t for all my people being 9747 km away. (yes I calculated)) I love the relaxingness (I don’t think thats a word but.. yeah lol) of it all. It’s not Go-Go-Go all the time. Taking time for one another, having fellowship, thats a huge thing here ❤ The billions of parrots here are my favourite. So unreal beautiful. Walked to school around 8, had a meeting at 8:30.. I’m the only one who doesn’t understand Spanish :/ After the meeting, we got to prep a bit. Came home for lunch around 12:30, then had relaxed in bed and talked on the phone with mom a bit 🙂 Shortly after 3, I go to Ilianas for terere with her, and John for about an hour. Then I came home, and Diedrich Groening was fixing our shower! He had went and boughten a new shower head for us, and now we can shower in WARM WATER!! I am so thankful that he came to help. I am so excited. I read a bit today out of Romans and Ephesians. Really got me thinking, I am so thankful our old selves have passed away and we are new creatures ❤ and where sin abounds, his grace abounds more ❤ Relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, then heated up the leftovers from lunch for supper. As we were clearing the table, Arlie comes over and asks for my passport, apparently I might be leaving for Peru on SUNDAY!! (I have to go to Peru for a training week.. all alone) I’m excited and nervous to go. I’m looking forward to learning more, but it’s a but scary going by myself. After supper was cleaned, I showered in our nice warm shower. It was so good 🙂 Now it’s time to chill and breathe a bit:) We have to be at the school everyday at 8:30am until lunch.


January 31 2017
Had my alarm set for 5:30, didn’t get up until 7 though lol I was very tired this morning! Made a smoothie, it worked a lot better this time:) Then around 8 went to the school. I’m going to Peru on Sunday! Arlie bought the ticket for me last night!! Today was PSP planning day, which meant we needed to plan what we would be teaching all year, but everything was written in Spanish so I felt pretty lost!! Iliana and I were done a little earlier, so we played golf! Went home for lunch, had rei-eigh (no clue how to spell that) and some meat! Went back to the school shortly after 1:00 and we were in meetings. I have no idea what was all said! When I got home around 5, I was feeling exhausted so I lay in bed a bit, then made a little supper. After supper, we (Gabi and I) went to the Groenings to use their wifi, but it was down so we just did some other prep work there. While we were doing our work Anne offered us some cabbage soup! Tasted like a piece of home ❤ Went home around 8, showered and got ready for bed!


February 1 2017
Got up at 7, got ready and sat outside until about 8, then I hopped in with John, Iliana and Whitney! (It was our day off from school today)We drove to Pailón, then grabbed a taxi to Santa Cruz! In the taxi, I met a lady who has lived in B.C before! She seemed very kind, she had helped with a bible camp that happened here right before I arrived! Whitney went her separate way when we were at Santa Cruz. John, Iliana and I first went to Fidela (or something like that), and we got some food. I tried a Brazilian thing called ka-sheen-yo’s (no idea how to spell it), one looked like a log, it was mainly made out of meat. Another was a raindrop shape, and it had a layer of dough and a chicken mixture inside, they tasted really good! I also tried somó, which is a drink thing kind of, with corn in it, I was super skeptical to try it, but it actually tasted decent, tasted kind of like rice pudding. After, we went to a market to search for plants and flowers for their wedding! There were so many beautiful plants and flowers. After, we drove back to the taxi place, and started our way back home. When we were at Pailòn, we went to Johns a bit, his family was home as well, so we sat outside and had terere a bit. His younger brother was playing with a dead cockroach and kept putting it in my face to try and scare me, took all I had not to freak out lol I can’t let them know I’m scared or all the kids in school will try things a lot more than normal! We were back at Villa Nueva around 1:30, I quickly made a grilled cheese, ate, and Bev came to pick me up shortly after 2. We went to a family who had just moved out of a colony and were now living in a house that the mission has for those kinds of situations. I stayed in the vehicle, but the mother, a little boy about 4, and a girl about 3 were outside talking with Bev. The little boy kept looking at me and smiling, I smiled back, as soon he was wanting to open my door and was standing on the foot thing by my door looking at me and making faces, he seriously stole a piece of my heart<3 The little girl kept waving and smiling, it was adorable. After, we went to Bev and Dales place in Ibnias and had terere outside a bit. Then we went inside and Bev and I shpitzeered a bit. I played a game of trouble with their son Jaxson, who is going to be in grade one this year. Then Bev took me on a tour of Ibnias. She showed me the place where there was a womens shelter until a year ago. They didn’t have all the proper documents so it’s down for a while now, they are trying to find a director, then they will start it up again. I would LOVE to be involved with something like that ❤ Maybe one day:) Met many people! Even went and had terere at one of the familys places:) It seems like such a nice place! After the tour, Dale, Bev, their family and I drove to a little place called La Roca. That is where they have “Hockey Nights” every other Friday (first one for the year is Feb17), and there is a room with a pool table, ping-pong, fooze-ball table and a lot more, it reminds me a lot of ‘The Centre’ back home! It is open every Sunday from 2-5. I met 2 young ladys, Helena and Maria, they stirred up something in my heart<3 Around 6:40 Dale and Bev dropped me off at home. I made a cheese omelette for supper, then went to Ilianas for game night! John, Iliana, and Johns brother Frank were already there. We played Golf for a while, then Uno! I went home around 8:45, sat outside waited for Gabi to come home because I had forgotten my keys. Around 9 I showered and got ready, hoping I get a good nights sleep so I can feel refreshed tomorrow. 🙂

February 2 2017
Woke up at 6:30, got ready, made coffee and sat outside for a while. Went to the school at 8, Worked on some stuff, then organized my classroom! Came home at 12, ate while doing some more prep. Did more prep at home until 4, then went to Ilianas for terere until 6. Came home, made breaded sweet and sour chicken with rice noodles. As I was making food, Iliana and John come over! I finish making food, after eating we played a few rounds of uno until about 9. Today was especially hard.

February 3 2017
Got up at 6, got ready, made coffee and sat outside until 7. Iliana and I went to the school at 7 today because we are going to leave the school at 11. At school I figured out my seating arrangement and did some other prep stuff. Came home at 11, ate lunch and showered. Went to Arlie and Evas at 12:20, to go to San Josè for our MEM prayer meeting. About a 3 hour drive but it was beautiful. Anita Kehler, and Ell a (a plautdeich teacher) came with us as well. I tried a starfruit! It tastes good, a bit sour, but good flavour! We were at San Josè at around 3. Wayne and Sadie were still there, and it was Waynes birthday so they had cake! Mr. Kehler came to greet me and welcome me:) I’m glad he’s back here. After cake, Mr. Kehler lead a short devotional about putting on the full armor go God, and how we are soldiers for Christ, we need to work together now more than ever because on of our own, one who had always been right beside him was no longer here. It broke my heart.. After we went into smaller groups and prayed. I was fighting back tears the whole time. I can’t understand it all. I wish she was still with us.. After prayer, we had supper, and we left around 6. Iliana, Ella and I were on the pick-up box the whole way home! It was pretty windy, but the scenery was absolutely breathtaking ❤ I love the trees. The sunset was amazing. I even saw wild cactus’s and fireflies!! The stars tonight were unreal! If you look up ‘Bolivia stars’ on google you’ll understand. I’ve never seen so many stars at once. I am so thankful for all the people I have met on this journey so far<3 We were back around 8:30. Then I just chilled in bed and ate watermelon, was on the phone, super chill 🙂
I love it here. I really do. I could see myself staying here some days. So if you’re reading this, move here. lol;)

February 4 2017
This morning has been good, I slept until 9! Then I cleaned up the house a bit. Gabby has a friend over today. I think today will consist of major chilling. I haven’t really journaled since being here. I want to do that today yet:) Also want to read a bit more!
Going to Peru tomorrow morning!! Super excited but scared. I don’t even know if I’ll even have any wifi there to communicate with people. Hopefully I can. My phone won’t have any service there anyway.
Right now I’m sitting in bed, drinking coffee and just trying to loosen my mind a bit. I feel like I’ve been hiding things from myself. Today is the day to be real. With myself, and with God. It’s hard to deal with it all. I’m scared to see how I’m actually feeling. I’ve kinda built a wall to my feelings. The moment I had to say goodbye it just came up. I don’t want to be sad. But like they said yesterday. It’s proper to grieve. I don’t like it. But we need to. I haven’t really ever grieved. I don’t let myself. I need to. It’ll be an emotional day today. So maybe pray for the rest of my day.. Thanks ❤
I’ll write another blog about my week in Peru next weekend. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my blog, and you’ll get an email as I post new blogs 🙂
Prayer Requests:
• That I will be who my students need me to be
• That I will find a balance between teacher & friend
• Final prepping before school starts
• Language barrier
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• To focus on God and make Him number 1 above all else
• For friendships that are forming
• Homesickness
• For my family and friends who have days where the distance seems to be to much
• For my heart, I feel like bits and pieces are missing
• Mr. Kehler & Family, also all those who Mrs. Kehler touched and inspired
• My trip to Peru, that everything will go smoothly and I will learn more
***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone<3