February 5 2017
Got up at 3:20, got my stuff together, then Arlie drove me to Santa Cruz. Arrived at Santa Cruz airport around 5:20. I stood in a few lines, and filled out many papers. The guy at immigration was super mad at me because I didn’t have a certain paper that they never gave me as I entered Bolivia. I thought for a second that I wasn’t going to get to go because he seemed so mad, and the fact that I couldn’t give him an answer to his many Spanish questions I don’t think helped.. Finally he just let me go. I found my gate and had a empanada de queso (cheese empanada), and a coffee as I was sitting and waiting. When it came time to board, there was no one at the gate! Then I saw there were a bunch of people lining up at a close by gate, so I go, stand in line, get to the front of the line, they scan my ticket and into the plane I go! Was really hoping I was on the right flight lol. They announced it as I was on the plane then I felt better haha. The flight was good! Felt nice and short. (only about 3 hours) After we landed, I go to get my luggage and go through security and everything. Then I am in the ‘arrived’ area where everyone has signs, I was supposed to look for my name. I looked for over 4 hours. I didn’t have wifi, so I go upstairs and sit by Starbucks and use their wifi. Mr.Lopez came to pick me up around 2! He had forgotten I was arriving today. He dropped me off at Miss. Elizabeths house. She was super kind and showed me my room, told me to wash my hands, and sit at the table. First we had noodle soup, then rice and fish, then a dessert yet, we also had papaya juice! The dessert was rice pudding with some kind of purple study (purple corn something or other) It all tasted amazing. Then I had a nap from about 4 till 5. After I walked to a store with Miss. Elizabeths neice, Lady. Came home around 8, we had soup and tea for supper, now its time to sleep! 🙂

February 6 2017

Got up at 6, showered and got ready. Had breakfast, eggs and some drink made out of a root that is supposed to give energy. The around 7:45 I got picked up and went to the school. Training was really good today. I finished 2 books and 2 tests! I found it super interesting, kinda like devotionals. School was done at 4, but we didn’t leave until after 5 because we were waiting for Mr. Daniel. Came back to the house no one was home. So I chilled in my room and talked on the phone. Then had supper, eggs and coffee. Then talked to family a bit. Really missing home right now. Think I’ll call it an early night! It’s not even nine, but I am very exhausted.

February 7 2017
Got up at 6, showered and got ready. Had breakfast (pancakes and that drink thing again) Went to school around 7:30. I finished one book and test before lunch, started another one after, but because I was so far ahead she had me help her help others for the rest of the day. Got super restless once things slowed down. Left shortly after 4, with one of the teachers that is doing the training as well. She dropped me off and I went straight to my room to chill a bit! Lay in bed all evening.


February 8 2017
Got up at 6, showered, got ready, got picked up at 7:30. Went to school continued with my work. Almost done everything, so I just helped out for most of the day again. Came home, chilled in my room. Had bread with butter for supper. No one was home all day. Was very lazy. School started in Bolivia today.. really sad I have to miss the first few days.


February 9 2017
Got up shorty after 6, got ready, ate some breakfast, had FRESH pineapple juice, it was amazing! Got picked up at 7:30, went to school, finished my last test!! I got 96% on this one.. it was harder than the others! Got 100% on the 4 others though so pretty pumped about that! Did a report about what I have learned this week.. why do my ‘reports’ always sound like devotionals?? lol It was about a servant heart. Was at the school till 4, went home showered and got ready, then around 5 we went out for supper to Bembos (a fast food place) I got a balloon lol. Then came home, we were going to go for a walk but didn’t after all! So I watched a kid show in Spanish with a few little girls, then pinterested for a while. I’m so nervous but excited for school!!


February 10 2017
Got up at 6, got ready ate a little bit of breakfast. Mr. Daniel picked me up at 7:30, and we went to school. Since I was done everything I just helped answering questions and such. After lunch, around 3, we had a little ‘party’ and we got our diplomas! Left the school around 4;30, I have to take MANY boxes full of the english curriculum back to Bolivia so had to deal with that before I left. Got to the house, packed my things, had to arrange all the books so they wouldn’t give me trouble at the airport. A guy picked me up at 5, and off to the airport we were! The trees here are just AMAZING! I love the Huge cactus’ and just every tree. I have to work on myself not to take pictures of ever single tree I see lol. It took almost 2 hours to get to the airport because it was very crazy traffic! No problems at the airport which was SUCH a relief! Found my gate and sat a listened to music. it was amazing! I downloaded a lot of music while at the house in Peru, didn’t realize how big of a part music plays in my life! Flew out around 10:30pm. Flight was really good! Arrived in Bolivia around 2am (Bolivia time). Everything went well… until I got to customs… they were trying to explain stuff in spanish, something about all the books I was bringing. I found Pastor Abe Harder, he was picking me up, and he came to help! After quite a while, we figured we would just leave all the books there and Arlie could come next week to deal with it, since he knew more than we did about it all. Got home around 4:30am. I can’t remember the last time I have been so excited to see a bed! It’s been a long day.

So yeah that was my week in Peru, not quite what I was expecting, but still good.

February 11 2017
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEONA! Slept until almost 11!! Got up, unpacked and organized my things a bit. Talked on the phone with people from home for a while, got really frustrated because of the service. I ate lunch (beef melanasa) around 1:30, then had a nap from 2-4. After I cleaned the house a bit. Made supper for myself, Gabi went to yugant this evening so I had the house to myself. It was nice to have alone time at first, but then I started thinking to much and just really felt lonely… I really just want to be home. I don’t like feeling so far away from everyone. I texted Anne Groening earlier in the day to get some details about Wi-Fi, she replied now, asking if her and and her husband Diedrich could stop in for a bit! They came shortly at 8, started talking about wifi and such, then asked how if I could still communicate well with people from home. They asked about my week in Peru and how I was adjusting to life here, if I was ready for school. I told them it had been a really hard few days. I didn’t really feel super ready for school, and I was really nervous for Wednesday because I have to do a 20 min devotional in front of the whole school.. I feel like a wreck.. They told me they weren’t going to be home tomorrow, and I was more than welcome to go to their house, have lunch there, use their wifi and just relax and have some alone time. Then before they went, they both prayed for me. I had to control my tears.. I am so thankful for them<3 I can’t even explain how big of a load I felt that was just lifted from me. Knowing that they care and they are praying for me.. and knowing God is always by our sides, no matter where we are, He is there. Its unbelievable. The rest of my evening was SO much better. Even played aggravation (via video calling) haha but it made me feel a little more like I was home<3

Prayer Requests:

• That I will be who my students need me to be
• That I will find a balance between teacher & friend
• A good first week of teaching & Devotional
• Language barrier
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• To focus on God and make Him number 1 above all else
• For friendships that are forming
• Homesickness
• For my family and friends who have days where the distance seems to be to much
• For my heart, I feel like bits and pieces are missing
***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone<3