Well, heres my past week.

March 14 2017- Tuesday
16 more sleeps! Woke up around 6, went to school. Was a long day today. After school I texted Anne to see if she was planning on going to Pailon at all this week, just because I need a lot of groceries and stuff. When said she had time today so we went to Pailon around 5. Bought SOO much food. Now I can finally relax and make food. I have to do the devotional for chapel tomorrow.. SCARY!!!

March 15 2017- Wednesday
15 more sleeps! Yesterday I was SO nervous because I had to do the devotional again in chapel. I had decided to share my testimony, or a part of it anyway. I felt like I should do it in Plautdeich, but the more I thought about it and tried to figure out the german words, I just got more and more anxious. I got so worked up that I had just decided to do it in English, no matter how discouraging it was that almost none of them would understand me. When I woke up in the morning, my first thought was, I don’t want to go to school. Facing my fear and speaking in front of many people is a big thing for me as it is, and not having most people understand, it just felt pointless. I just kept thinking that I should just stay home. But I kicked myself in the butt and got up. I sat outside and just kinda talked to God, praying for the strength and ok-ness for having them not understand me. I suddenly got a wave of just pure peace wash over me, I decided right there I was going to do it in Plautdeich. I read over it once and walked to school. Chapel was at 7:30, I went up there, a bit nervous, but still at peace. I started talking.. my words were so shaky it probably sounded like I was talking into a fan lol, that what it sounded like in my ears anyway! I didn’t know all the German words but I knew more than I thought. I’m starting to sound quite Bolivian lol:) I’m realizing more and more how God keeps taking care of me and provides and tends to my needs, in the most perfect way. Went to Anne Diedrichs around 4, had coffee and shpitzeered, then sat outside and had watermelon! Stayed until almost 6. It was good:) Came home and relaxed.

March 16 2017- Thursday
14 more sleeps!! (2 weeks!!) Didn’t get out of bed until 6:30 today!! I was SOOO tired. We were going to have out activity day thing today where we were going to make and plant a garden, but around 8:30 it started raining so we had normal classes from 9:30-2:30. Just played uno with my grade 5s and up. With my grade 2 class we just read books and coloured. One of the boys (lets call him Tommy) suddenly gets up, runs to the door and says “look!! Doa as Nae-Kloas!! He was so conviced that a flag or something on a roof was Santa and his reindeer! I had to smile and just told him Santa was probably lost if he was here this time of year. Tommy seemed to be on cloud nine, he was so excited! Then one of the other boys (Lets call him Terry) came up to him and told him Santa isn’t real, its just a guy dressed up, but Tommy was so set on this was Santa. I quickly tried to change to topic so Tommy wouldn’t get his dreams crushed.. lol After school I chilled big time.

March 17 2017 – Friday
13 more sleeps!! Got up at 6, went to work. Came home, ate lunch and skyped a bit. Around 2:30 I started walking to the trigh-maka, while she was trigh-making she found the lump that the doctors had been concerned about back home before I left. She said from what she could tell it was just a bunch of nerves very very on-ya-holt, but if lelf alone could cause cancer (I will post more about that yet) but I was so relieved! So she worked on that a bit. I walked home, picked up milk from the milk lady, came home and had a nap. Went to Ilianas at 6 until 9. We made egg-rolls and played Golf.

March 18 2017- Saturday
12 more sleeps!! Got up at 5, got ready (I STRAIGHTENED MY HAIR) walked to Anne Diedrichs and Diedrich dropped us off at Pailon and Anne and I were off to Santa Cruz. First we went to the Fidalga (grocery store) had a saltena and a coffee! Then we went to the 6de Agust, but it was pretty early so we took a taxi and went to a super market, we had another coffee and a chocolate bar! After we grabbed a taxi to the plaza. It’s so pretty!! I took out money there and just walked around a bit. We met up with Anne’s daughter Helen who lives in the city. You have to pay to use the bathrooms, it’s so weird lol. Then we went to another Hipermaxi and got a few more things. After that we went to Papa Johns for pizza. IT TASTED AMAZING!! (had another coffee) Then we went to a Hammock place and I bought a hammock!! Then we drove back to 6de agust and bought some mozzarella cheese! We went and dropped off our bags at a hotel and walked though the market! We walked to Los Poses and went over the the water! It was so cool! Then we walked back, got our things then walked back to the trofy place! (but no before being touristy and making a picture with the plane lol) Got in a thing and were off home! We were back around 3:00. After I cleaned up my things and put wash into the washer I skyped with Martin until 1:30 am. ❤

March 19 2017- Sunday
11 more sleeps!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RISSA!!<3 Slept until 10:3ish, and chilled in bed. Around 2 I skyped with Martin until shortly after 5. Then I set up my hammock and made a smoothie and relaxed in it! Around 7, I went inside and didn’t do a lot, mainly just trying to figure out stuff for school. Then Trudy Friessen texted me and asked if I wanted to come for terere. So I went there around 7:45 for about an hour. When I got home I showered and skyped for a little while:) Some days there are just so many questions..