(2 Blogs in 1)

“let all you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14


March 20 2017- Monday
10 MORE SLEEPS! Woke up this morning around 6, made coffee and put it in a mug for school. Had a really good day at school today! After school I chilled in my hammock and tanned for a while, while talking on the phone with my people ❤ Was a very long day today.


March 21 2017- Tuesday
9 MORE SLEEPS!! (single digits!!) Got up at 6, felt super tired this morning. Work went well! Last 2 periods we had an oceans day presentation thing, it was good! After work I chilled for a while and talked with Martin and Mom on the phone, then around 4 I went to Iliana’s to see her new puppy. Came home, chilled in my hammock and read until 7, then relaxed inside.


March 22 2017- Wednesday
8 MORE SLEEPS! ❤ Got up at 6, made coffee and sat outside. Went to school around 6:45. Had chapel this morning, I didn’t need to do anything:)
I realized I’m starting to care. Like.. a lot. I’m starting to really care and develop a love for my students here. Which scares me. It’s stupid because that is the reason that I’m here, to love the people I come in contact with.
Just after having to say good-bye to my students back at home, it scares me having to say good-bye to these people too. I think about my students at home so often.. Most days I regret giving it up so badly. I just had such a connection with all the students in the school. I can’t wait to see them all again ❤
It keeps getting more and more… like intense or whatever, I find myself just having such a love and compassion for these students, from the first graders to the twelfth graders. Praise the Lord for that.
During chapel this morning I almost couldn’t control my emotions. It was just so clear to me how much I care. Lately, I’ve been trying to deny it, people ask me how it’s going, I either just point out the negative things, and leave out the positive things. I don’t want them to know that i’m really starting to enjoy it. I don’t know why I don’t want people to know…
I see brothers and sisters together, guys with their girls.. it all makes my heart so joyful. Part of me is jealous, but mainly I’m just so happy that they have one another:)
Yes things are hard, but all in all, it’s so good. I have a desire to get closer with all my students and be who God has called me to be here.
It’s like that with people back home as well. Oh how I care about them. I try to deny it. Not that I don’t love them or care about them, just that it’s not as serious. I don’t miss them as much. Kinda a defence mechanism. I’ve been doing that to everyone, friends, family… I miss them a lot.. like a lot a lot.
When I see pictures Rissa or Kath post or I see and hear my friends spend time together, or I see pictures of everyone at Tylers hockey game…  my heart jumps for joy because I love that they are spending time together, but it breaks at the same time because I so badly wish I was there with them.
I left school 1 period early so I could come home and change and eat lunch. Around 12:45 I walked back to school and hopped on the bus to Pailon with Sara (a girl from here) I had to go to the city for my visa, we were at Interpol from 2:15 until shortly after 6. I got very impatient. Was back home around 8. Showered, had supper and chilled. My roommate is moving out to house sit on Friday, for 1-2 months, I’m looking forward to having some more me-time and my own space for a while.

March 23 2017- Thursday
7 MORE SLEEPS!! (exactly a week!) Woke up shortly before 6, got ready and headed off to school. Today was a really good day at work!! For my conversation classes I had a paper prepared with 5 circles each circle had a feeling under it (joy,sadness,disgust,fear,anger) On the board, I had each of those words translated in Spanish (goza,tristeza,asco,miedo,enojo). In each they had to draw of something that had happened in their life that had made them feel that emotion. They all did so well! It really encouraged me that they did it so well. Some students got really deep and it was so nice to see that they felt like they were able to share those kinds of things with me in some form 🙂 After work I came home, chilled in the hammock a little then chilled in my room. Talked on the phone with Martin for a while and made supper around 5. Around 6:15 I walked over to Anne and Diedrichs. I chilled with them a bit and ate some grapes. Anne and I went to a birdl shower shortly before 7, I felt a little funny just because I don’t really know the girl, but as I got there I saw 2 other ladies from La Crete and it just felt like a breath of fresh air, even though I was peopling. It was a really fun evening, very out of my comfort zone, but really good:):) Even had some coffee with them:) We were back around 9:30.

March 24 2017- Friday
6 MORE SLEEPS!! ❤ Woke up around 5, then was awake until 5:30 then fell back asleep till 6. Almost couldn’t drag my butt out of bed! Went to work around 6:45. Work went well, I had a really good day:) I am finally connecting with my students.. it’s such a good feeling:) Came home, chilled in my room with the air conditioning because it was so warm out today. Talked with Martin until 2:30 then walked to the place where I get tright-ya-maked. As I was walking I see my students they smile and wave, others yelled “PETERS!” as they saw me pass their place, others screamed “PROFFE! HI!! Mom daut as meen leaadasha!!” I felt kinda famous.. lol I am so glad for it all though ❤ Since it was so warm, the lady wanted to do it in the other part/room thats kinda outdoors and 3 of my students kinda watched me get my feet trigh-ya-maked they were giggling the whole time, apparently a teacher getting trigh-ya-maked is funny lol was so cute ❤ She worked on where my lump is as well and she said she doesn’t think it’s to serious but she would recommend me going in to a doctor.. so I should figure out how to do that! Walked back, picked up milk from the place we buy milk. When I got home I chilled in the hammock and read for a bit. Then as one of my students came to mow the lawn I went back inside and talked with mom on the phone for a while. Then after I cleaned my room and made sweet and sour chicken for supper. Rest of the evening I pretty much just relaxed, made tea (regular black tea with lots of sugar, felt like I was at my Peters Grandparents for Sunday lunch…<3)  lit my candle, put on some music and just let myself relax:)





This below is kinda just my last few days in Canada.

“For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,’ says the Lord…” Jeremiah 30:17


This is a blog I wrote right before I left for Bolivia. There was so much going on. I felt like I wasn’t supposed to go anymore. I know realize it was satan trying to get me to doubt God and stay.

We still aren’t sure what it is exactly, but I am going to a chiropractor here to kinda see and stuff.

I wrote it then already but didn’t post it because I guess I as embarrassed or something.

I am posting this now because I would really appreciate all your prayers in this matter. It makes me and the people around me a bit nervous and anxious sometimes.

I haven’t gotten it checked out at a doctor since then, just because it’s kinda difficult to do so here.

Here it goes.


My last few days here at home have really been something! There has been so much going on.

My last week here was a busy one, with doing last minute things and making sure I saw everyone I wanted to see before I left! Then, all of a sudden there was another whole situation being added to the table!

January 3rd: Went to to doctors clinic here in town. There had been something I’d been meaning to get checked out, but just kept putting it off. So when the doctor checked it out, he just said that he found something and we needed to do blood work and and ultrasound right away.

January 4th: Did blood work in town, then left for Edmonton right after.

January 5th: My ultrasound was at 9:30 in the morning. The ultrasound technician didn’t say much other than there was something there, and it wasn’t good, and my doctor would have the results the next day. Drove back home.

January 6th: Had another doctors appointment in town to get my results for my blood work and ultrasound. He said that it’s all good as of right now, there was a mass, but it shouldn’t be serious.. yet, and that I should just keep an eye out and have monthly check-ups. ANSWER TO PRAYER!!

January 8th: Leave for Edmonton.

January 9th: Fly away.


Prayer Requests:
• That I will be who my students need me to be
• My personal relationship with God
• Health
• Language barrier***
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• To focus on God and make Him number 1 above all else
• For friendships that are forming
• Homesickness
• For my family and friends
• That I will have the patience and wisdom to teach what needs to be taught

***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤