It’s been a while since I posted anything.


My family was here for 2 weeks and it was so amazing!! I really enjoyed having them here. It was a bit overwhelming at first just because of how I’d adjusted to life without plans, and now trying to get a lot of things done within their time period was something I wasn’t used to anymore. It was still so good to have them here!

I had the 2nd week off of work so I got the do a lot with them which was awesome!:) Martin, Jordan, Larissa and I went to Samaipata (the mountains) one day, it was soo breath-takingly beautiful!!20170411_120903.jpg

For the last night my family was here, we stayed at the Camino Real Hotel. It felt just like a resort! It was so good! Saying goodbye to everyone was hard, by the end of the 2 weeks I felt as though I had finally gotten used to having them around again! 😦


Martin is staying here for a while, not exactly sure how long yet, makes being here a lot easier. But doesn’t give me a whole lot of time to blog and really make me sit down to write whats on my mind. Especially with me being back at school after my break and Easter, plus yet having to do report cards, my head is a bit everywhere!

Things have been getting better though. Spiritually I’m doing a little bit better than what I was for a while. But it’s though the trials and mistakes that I grow closer to God.

I will start doing my daily write-ups and posting them weekly starting next week!