IMG_20170410_184148_332.jpgSince I missed about 2 weeks of my time here, I’ll just kinda summarize what we did in those 2 weeks.


-had shtuck brought, 20170404_192447.jpg

-hammock chilling times, IMG_20170406_192304_052.jpg

-played aggravation (a lot), 20170409_110906.jpg

-threw the football around, IMG_20170331_155044_317.jpg

-had morning coffees20170410_074619.jpg

-bronzed, 20170407_161258.jpg

-made empanada de queso, 20170409_112738

-drove to San Jose (9 people-1 truck), IMG_20170401_202226_313

-went to the opening for Hacienda Verde,
-chilled in a nice hotel in San Jose,IMG-20170401-WA0007.jpg

-went to Camino Real for 1 night,20170412_163513

-went for supper and ice cream in Pailon (also got caught in the rain), IMG_20170403_181734_030

-went to the mountains (Samaipata) 20170411_120902.jpg

-went for supper at Henry and Judy Harms in Ibnias, 20170408_183731

-went to La Roca for ice cream and pool,20170409_155327

-listened to the Friesens sing in church here,IMG_20170409_204122_831.jpg

-went to Ventura Mall,20170408_102756.jpg

-went to Papa Johns,Snapchat-587187512.jpg

-went for supper in the city,20170411_191435.jpg

-the girls had a girl day and went to the mall-starbucks-papa johns- did nails,IMG_20170408_120121_659.jpg

-the girls went to Pailon to do some thrift store shopping and had ice cream,20170407_165514.jpg

-and so much more!! ❤


April 21 2017- Friday
So I haven’t written anything in a while! Family was here and it was so good! Today I got up at 5:20 and got ready. Martin came here around 6 and we had coffee (inside because it was raining). I texted Eva to see if she would have time to take me to the doctor next week sometime.. last night I almost scared myself because my lump had gotten so big, so we’ll see what it is.. probably nothing, but I’d still like to get it checked out… (well not really.. people are kinda making me get it checked out.. lol) I left for work at 6:45. Work was good today! This whole week has been really good:):) I really love my students. I love the fact I can use scripture and other bible based lessons. Was done work at 12:20, came home and Martin and I made tomato soup and grilled cheese! Then had maddach shloap until 2:30. Then I started walking to the trighmaka ladies place. As I walked past Anne&Diedrichs place she tells me she will give me a ride since it was raining. Diedrich showed me that he had boughten a motorbike the day before! I would love to get one. Before we left, Anne made me a cappachino! 😀 Trighmaking hurt so bad!! :O It’s not as insane as at first, but still hurt pretty bad. After trighmaking, Anne and I went to the clinic here in Villa Nueva. It was completely empty which was awesome! (when family was here, mom and I had gone and it took about 4/5 hours before we got in, then they had trouble finding my veins yet!) I got hooked up to my IV and off home I went. (I get vitamins through IV every 2 weeks). At home, Martin and I watched some Fresh Prince and relaxed, since I couldn’t really do anything but sit there. When my bag was empty, we chilled outside in my hammock listening to the rain and then around 6:30 Martin made/warmed up supper, (leftover chicken and rice from yesterday) After supper, He played piano a bit and we just chilled. (He bought a keyboard)
I don’t exactly know how much detail I’ve put in my previous blogs, but yeah Martin is staying here for a while, he came with the family and will be staying here for a while, we’ll see, depends if he can find a job around and stuff:)

April 22 2017- Saturday
Today was good! Got up around 8, showered and got ready then went to Anne&Diedrichs and Martin and I decided to go for saltenas and Pailon. Got a taxi and went to Pailon, after breakfast we went to the market and bought some fruits and veggies. Were back home around 11:30, I made roll-kuchen and we had that and watermelon for lunch.. (and supper). After lunch, held maddach shloap until 4:30. Spoke with Jason Theissen on the phone for a bit, then played a bit of aggravation and chilled. Had supper around 6. Had planned on going to Bible study at 7:30, but something came up so we just stayed at home.

April 23 2017-Sunday
Slept until 9:30 (WHOOPS!) Hadn’t slept that long since my first night here I think. Martin came over and I made bacon and eggs and toast for breakfast. After breakfast was cleaned, we listened to some inspirational songs and just relaxed. Played some aggravation, and Martin played piano for a while. Was a great morning 🙂 For lunch, we had saltenas and watermelon. After lunch we watched some Fresh Prince, played aggravation and phase 10. When we were done with that we went outside and had zoat and terere for a while. For supper we made Macaronis with shmont fat and fried varsch! It tasted like a little piece of home. After supper was all cleaned up, we talked for a bit, then we watched a movie (White Fang).

April 24 2017- Monday
Got up at 6, got ready for work and went to work at 6:45. Work went well. I was done at 11, went home quickly got ready and started walking to Anne and Diedrichs, Diedrich and Martin picked me up on the way and Diedrich gave us a ride to Pailon. Martin and I grabbed a bite to eat (saltena) and were off to the city. We arrived at the city, and took a taxi to the place to pick up my carnett! It all worked well:) After, we went to Papa Johns for lunch:) Then we went to the mall to take out some money, chilled in Starbucks a bit and were headed back home! We were home around 5, I made supper (grilled cheese, toast, tomatoes and chicken noodle soup (classic sick people food)). Martin and I have both come down with a cold/flu typeadeal. After supper, we sat outside a bit, then came inside, made lemon&honey tea and watched a few episodes. Andrew will be arriving here tomorrow!
I miss my family. Like more than I’m willing to admit. I miss how it was back home, before I came here.. I feel like I don’t really know who I am anymore… I know I’m not the same person I was before I left.. I know that that was pretty much the point of it all… but it terrifies me… who am I then? Everyone that knew me before I came says I have changed so much… I don’t like it.. what has changed about me? I feel more lost than ever.. I just want to be the old me again, then I at least had a bit of a idea who I was.. right?
I miss just cruising and having coffee with Rissa.. she was my sidekick, everywhere I was, she was.. in the last 2 years she truly became my best friend and now it’s kinda like I lost her.. it sounds weird. It’s just kinda like when you date someone for a long time, spending all your time with them, when you break up, you kinda grieve that person.. that’s kinda how it feels with Rissa. I know I haven’t ‘lost’ here, I know I can still talk to her.. but it’s so different.. I so badly want to keep in touch with everyone back home.. but how?

April 25 2017- Tuesday
Got up at 5:30, showered and got ready. Martin came over around 6:30, we sat outside and had coffee for a bit, then we went inside and played a few rounds of aggravation! Then at 7:40 I left for work! Tuesdays I have a free period first thing so I don’t need to be at the school until 8:) Tuesday mornings have always been better.. at home we had breakfast Tuesday and here I have a more relaxed morning on Tuesdays. Work went ok, had some bumps but was still ok. My cold is making me feel so gross though. Had a staff meeting after school until 5:45. Came home and made varaniki and varsch for supper. Martin left around 7:30 to go with Diedrich to pick up Andrew from the airport! I just chilled and drank some tea. SOO tired. During school today, one of the students in my grade 9/10 class was done his work so we was just kinda doodling in his notebook. He drew hand reaching up from underwater. I instantly thought, thats kinda how I feel too. But I smiled and raised my eyebrows a bit. Then he said, he’d draw me in the picture. He drew a bridge, with me on there throwing down a life floaty thing at the person in the water… I don’t think he knows how backwards he has it. These students, the way God works through them, is a big reason I am still keeping afloat.

April 26 2017- Wednesday
Woke up at 5:20, got ready, Martin came over at 6 for coffee. Went to work at 6:45. Worked until 12:30 and Was home shortly before 1. Heated up varaniki leftovers, ate, and had maddach shloap. Slept until 4, did dishes, and relaxed a bit. Then made chicken, mashed potatoes and shmont fat and sautéed onions and peppers for supper! Then I relaxed and worked on writing this blog lol

April 27 2017- Thursday
Woke up at 6, got ready, made some breakfast (tamales) and headed off to work at 6:45. Before classes started, as I was walking to class, a herd of about 6 or 7 girls came running toward me, the all gave me hugs and talked with me for a bit. That just made my heart so happy. ❤ One girl, who cannot speak english or german followed me to my class and just smiled, we stood outside for a bit, then she told me in her broken english “I for you learning english from.” She said it with the biggest smile. I don’t know if she was trying to say she is learning English from me, or for me, but either one it just made me smile ❤ Then in my first class, the boy who drew that picture the other day with the hand, just I saw how much he just wanted to have confirmation that his effort was noticed. The in my grade 1 class, which is usually my most challenging class, there was one boy who just hugged me for 5 minutes straight, he would not let go, he’s one of the more rambunctious boys, the fact that he would just hold on to me was super meaningful ❤ Then my grade 2 class, a few of my students came in and first thing they do was give me a hug ❤ ❤ ❤ With my Jr. High classes, the past week or so, I have been helping them memorize Bible verses. The verse they are learning first is John 3:16. I had just incorporated the verse into other activities and today was their first day to actually start to memorize it. A few students (students who I wouldn’t have thought, or students that had refused to learn any verses) came up to be at the end of the class and knew the whole verse!! I was so impressed 🙂
After school, I went home, changed and Iliana helped me get a taxi to go to Pailon. From there I went with a micro to Santa Cruz. I met Eva and her children there shortly after 5 and she took me to the doctor. The doctor was super nice, and she even knew a lot of english! She checked out things and told me we needed to do a ultrasound. In my head I was kinda like, ok.. so like a month from now probably. She made one call and told me I could do it tonight! So Eva and I walked to the other Doctor place, it had a big Breast Cancer ribbon on it. It took about 5 minutes and I was in! The guy doing my ultrasound (who was actually the doctor as well) was nice and knew a bit of English as well! He asked about family history of cancer, breast cancer and such. As he was checking things out he called in another doctor just to kinda get a second opinion as to what he was seeing. When that was all done, we walked back to the other doctor. There she told me they found a 2.5cm thing. It is connected to .. something.. (I forget the word) which means it is fast growing.. it is a mixture of solid and liquid, so we need to do a biopsy.. which we will probably do next week. When we were done there, we walked to burger king, got some food, and headed home! I was home around 9:30pm.
My friend Iliana, who is a missionary here at Villa Nueva as well, and has become a great friend, started writing a blog, her post today really got me, this is what she said…

Are missionaries human?
What comes to mind when you hear the word missionary? When I was still in school, every day in Bible class, we would do prayer requests. Every week there was a “missionary of the week” that we would pray for. When I heard the names of these missionaries I couldn’t help but think that these people must be famous people because they are way out in the middle of nowhere but we would still hear of them and what they were doing. I also thought that these people could do no wrong and that they were pretty much perfect. All because of the word “missionary”. Ring a bell?
Now here I am in Bolivia, as a missionary. I teach English at a Mennonite school. I’ve come to realize that people still think that of missionaries. Missionaries must be perfect and their kids must be perfect. It’s not just missionaries either. Pastors. Deacons. Teachers. Presidents. LEADERS. But guess what, missionaries are, in fact, human. How do I know? Well, for one, there is no one on this earth that is perfect. If you believe that anyone must be perfect because they have a title like the ones listed above; you, my friend, are wrong. There is only one and only one who is perfect. GOD.  Also, missionaries don’t eat “missionary” food or drink “missionary” water or use a “missionary” bathroom. They eat food, drink water, and use just a plain bathroom like everyone else. So, yes, missionaries are human. Their kids are human. Their nieces and nephews are human. Their grandkids are human. Their friends are human. Their dogs… are pets which are not human. (I hope I got at least a chuckle from you.)
Every person who considers themselves a Child of GOD is a missionary. Where you are. what you do. That is your mission field.
ACTS 13:47 For this is what the LORD has commanded us: “I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.”

That just really spoke to me. That is totally what my outlook was on missionaries before I came out here. I thought they were some high and mighty people that were somehow ‘special’ because they had been called.. but each and everyone one of us has been called. Called to different things, different places, but all for one purpose, to serve HIM and glorify HIM. There are none more ‘special’ or that have a higher calling. We all have the choice to obey God to what it is that He has called us to do. I know for a while I did not ‘feel’ like a missionary. I thought I somehow would feel like a missionary, that I would have the same outlook on myself as a missionary than I did all those other missionaries I had heard of before. That I would feel strong, feel a strong sense of Gods presence.. that I would just somehow feel like a missionary.. I was almost to the point of googling how to be one! I don’t ‘feel’ any different than I did back home. I am still be. A growing, stretching, broken.. me.


Prayer Requests:
• My biopsy & ongoing tests
• That I will be who my students need me to be
• My personal relationship with God
• Health
• ***Language barrier***
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• To focus on God and make Him number 1 above all else
• For friendships
• Homesickness
• Patience, wisdom, courage, love…

***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤