If you know me, you probably know I’m about as introverted as it gets. Don’t get me wrong, I like spending time with people, I just prefer to spend my time with a few close friends as opposed to a huge group of people I don’t know very well.

So me stepping out into the mission field was probably a shock to everyone. I know I shocked myself. I always just kinda saw myself as a shy-timid-quiet girl, that I was in school. “You’re so quiet,” or “you’re such an introvert,” are phrases I have heard A LOT in my 22 years.

I have wanted to be a missionary since I first found out about it when I was in the second grade.

But over the years, I took those words, those comments, to heart, and decided that the whole missionary thing wasn’t for me. I was just to quiet.

During all of this, though, I still had a deep desire to go to the nations, but I considered myself unqualified because of my personality. I became frustrated with the Lord, wondering why He made me this way, and why I couldn’t be just a little more extroverted.

I remember when I told my students at the school I was working at at home that I had decided to move to Bolivia to teach for a while, a student came up to me after and he said “wow Miss. Peters, you are very courageous.” I was dumbfounded.. first for his big use in words and second.. me… courageous?

When the Lord calls us to do something, we must take it, and run with it. If He promised it to us, it will be fulfilled. His “Yes” is stronger than anyone else’s “No.” The Lord’s word and faithfulness prevails over anything that the world could possibly say about me. He is infinitely loving, and constantly good. His promises are true, and always work for the good of those who love Him.

I found my passion for missionary work. I volunteered at a Christian youth centre, volunteered at Bible camp, had many great spiritual talks with friends, and was involved in a few Bible studies. Life was great.

As an introvert I love meaningful conversation and hanging out with close friends. My choices have always reflected this. One Bible study I was involved in, was a place for a group of 5-10 girls to discuss life and scripture, came completely naturally to me. I thrived when I could really get to know them and chat with them one-on-one. At any conferences, meetings, services or even online sermons, my favorite parts were discussing the talks with my friends afterwards. We would break down everything the speaker said, apply it to our own lives, and share how our hearts had been impacted. Discipleship naturally flowed from friendship. I loved these friends, and spending time each week growing closer to Christ was just icing on the cake of our friendship.  In every situation, I found ways to be a light in a more -me- way. I approached mission in a way that was comfortable for me.

I’m usually not the missionary talking to people on the street, and that’s okay. Those are great experiences to learn and make invitations, but that’s not my everyday mission field.

I can be a light for HIM even though I’m an introvert. By having that one on one talk. By being a listening ear. By encouraging someone. By going for coffee/tea/terere. By being a teacher. By being a leader. By being a friend… By showing them HIS love through all that I do.


Joanna ❤