HE is my hope

HE is my saviour

HE is my refuge

HE  is my strength

HE is my shield

HE is my song

HE is my father

HE is my GOD

HE is my joy

HE is my protector

HE is the reason i live

HE is the reason i love

HE is the reason i give

HE is the reason i serve

HE is the reason i trust

HE is the reason i believe

HE is the reason i kneel

HE is the reason i shine

HE is the reason i have a future





this whole journey.. has taught me a lot.

i have thought about my aunt so much. i may only be feeling a slight percentage of how she may have felt at this point. i realized how strong she was. this whole process is scary. the unanswered questions,

the what ifs,

the i’m sorrys.

this is something i have to go through. it is on the path that GOD has set me on. i may not understand it. but i don’t need to. i do understand that HIS ways are higher that ours. and that is really all i need to understand.

it’s hard. i’m really trying to not worry, to not be anxious.

i do not have cancer.

when i heard that, a wave a relief washed over me.

there is a tumor, but it isn’t cancerous. if i would leave it, it would be cancer within 5 years. so i still need to get it removed, which i will do when i am back home. i’d much rather do it with my family around me, than go through the whole process far away from home.

i am so so so thankful for all the prayers ❤ ❤

we serve a powerful, loving, gracious GOD.

before i knew, i thought of the many many things that i want to do in my life yet. how i’m don’t feel ready. i’m excited to die, to meet my maker face to face. but i feel like there is more i need to do here.

it has given me a new vision,

a fresh perspective.

i have true joy and peace, that I can only get from HIM.


Joanna ❤