May 13 2017- Saturday
Woke up around 8, was lazy for a while. Walked to the store by the entrance to get a few things. Then came home and cleaned up the house a bit. Made banana cake, and chocolate chip cookies. But halfway through baking the banana bread my oven stops working because I’m out of propane! So I kinda give up, since there is no place to fill it here in the community. But then John and Iliana bring me a full bottle!! So I finished baking and then had supper. After supper I journaled and listened to music and watched some cartoons. It was the perfect evening:):)

May 14 2017- Sunday
Got up around 7, was lazy. Around 8 I made coffee and watched a sermon (Biblical Missions-Paul Washer.) After that, I started journaling and just listening to music a bit. Then around 10:30 Anne texted me and invited me for lunch. We sat outside while Diedrich BBQ’d chicken heart, sausages and another piece of meat. I had never tried chicken heart before so I was a little scared, but it tasted really good! After lunch, Anne and I went inside and played Phase 10. I went home around 3. I cleaned up a little and then was lazy. Made a chicken quesadilla for supper. My evening consisted of journaling, watching some shows, calling people back home, making a grocery list.. it was exciting haha.

May 15 2017- Monday
WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH MAY ALREADY!! 😮 I can’t believe it. I got up around 6, got ready and went to work. Work went so well today!! 🙂 Was so good for Monday. A few people from a school called “Miller Bible College” from Saskatchewan were here. It was so good to hear their stories! After work, I went home and change and went to Ilianas at 2. John brought us to Pailon. When we got to Santa Cruz, we went directly to my appointment. It’s just a tumor! No cancer! It’s a solid mass. A bit big for the placement, but not abnormal for a regular tumor. If I would leave it, it would become cancerous within the next 5 years. She recommended I wait to do it at home so I have health care. Not a very pressing matter right now. So that was a huge relief!! After my appointment, Iliana and I went to the Fidalga. I spent SOOO much money. But i’ll have enough groceries to last a while!:) We were back around 7, Iliana helped carry my bags inside then she told me how I can get my air conditioner to be a ‘heater’ as well! Was SOOO nice!! Was sleeping by 9.

May 16 2017- Tuesday
Slept until 7, got ready and headed off to school. A few of the grade 10 boys said they wanted to come over after school for coffee haha:) After school I chilled, cleaned a bit, had supper by 6 and was out of the shower by 7, I went for a short walk then came home and journaled & had some amazing hot chocolate. Lights out by 9!

May 17 2017- Wednesday
Got up at 6, got ready and headed off to school. Work went really well! I had my first conversation class with the grade 11’s&12’s. Went really well! I gave them some dialogue prompts, they had to pick one and make a dialogue or skit from it, they all seemed to be ok with that which was nice!:) A few finished pretty quickly so they played guitar and sang:) Apparently the 2 boys came by last night! Must have been while I was in the shower or out for a bit. After school, I came home, cleaned up, organized some more, then chilled and journaled. My wifi hasn’t been working since yesterday afternoon for some reason. As I was frying some chicken for supper Iliana came over, she brought me a juice she had made with her juicer, it was made with oranges, carrots and a green apple. It tasted pretty good! When she left I continued preparing supper. I made chicken curry and a tortilla. Then I watched Facing the Giants. I hadn’t seen in except for when it first came out, then I couldn’t fully let myself in it because I was watching with a group of friends who also believe movie time is wrestling time haha. So I watched the movie and it was really really good! The movie was done around 8, so I journaled some more and listened to music. Martin was back around 8:30!! Was soo good to see him again. It had felt like a long time already!! When he left I read a bit and hit the hay!

May 18 2017- Thursday
Got up at 6, and got ready for work. Work went well today. Was pretty tired, but was still good. Had movie night in the evening.

May 19 2017- Friday
Got up at 5:30, had coffee with Martin then left for school! School went SOOO well! I love days like today ❤  After school, I came home and chilled. Been raining ALL day, so it was perfect inside chilling weather. I started making supper around 4:30. Martin went to Montero to buy a bike! He was back around 6:30. I had prepared bacon chicken broccoli pasta and garlic bread for supper. 🙂 Was a chill day.

Prayer Requests:
• PRAISE ITEM- not cancer
• That I will be who my students need me to be
• My personal relationship with God
• Health
• *Language barrier*
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• To focus on God and make Him number 1 above all else
• For friendships
• Homesickness
• PRAISSE ITEM- that I am starting to really know how to do this life!

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Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤