June 19 2017- Monday
Got up at 6:30, got ready, Martin came over for coffee, then I headed off to school and he headed off to Cariño. He is working for his uncle there! School went really good today!!:) After school, I just relaxed and cleaned up the house. Didn’t do much.

June 20 2017- Tuesday
Didn’t go to school today. Was not feeling very good:/ Slept until 10. 10!! Didn’t know that was even a thing anymore. Haven’t slept that long since my first night here! Did literally nothing all day. Lay in bed. Listened to many podcasts.

June 21 2017- Wednesday
No School! Its a holiday here today. So I slept until around 10. Got up, and cleaned a bit. Then I pinterested and actually got quite a few new ideas for school!!:) Made lunch and relaxed. Around 1, I made some cookies, they turned out ok! At 3, I went to Ilianas. Whitney came as well. I’m doing pictures and Ilianas hair. So we did a trial run with the hair today. And just discussed other wedding things. Went home around 5:30. Made fries for supper. Listened to a podcast and then watched Full House. Was hoping to see my family on my break, but probably won’t happen:(

June 22 2017- Thursday
Getting up was quite hard this morning!! But got up and headed to school. Work was ok in the morning. Like.. good ok. Feeling super teacher today. don’t know if thats actually a feeling, but thats what it feels like haha. The rest of the day didn’t go that smoothly. I came home and was so exhausted. My brain seriously felt like jelly. I dunno, it was a tiring.. VERY tiring day. After work, I relaxed a bit, then cleaned up a bit. When I was done cleaning, I went outside and chilled in the hammock a while. Then Diedrich came with my brand NEW washer!! And a portable heater!! SOO exciting. Got that all set up, then went inside and rearranged some stuff and made it more cozy. I’m trying to steer away from spending so much time in my room. So I made it more cozy, especially now that I have a heater, it’ll make a huge difference! So I made it all nice in there, made supper and relaxed in the living room! I love it! Spoke with Rissa on the phone for a while. Really miss that human. Went to bed around 9, but couldn’t fall asleep until after midnight:/

June 23 2017- Friday
Got up at 6:30. Kinda tired, but not as bad as I thought it’d be. Had some spare time this morning so I actually ate breakfast and did a bit of make-up, GO ME. School went A LOT better today! It was a really good day! I left school when last period started so I had time to change, and have lunch before we wanted to go. Left for San Josè around 1. We got there around 3:30. It went SOOOO good. I really enjoy prayer meetings. It feels like I can actually be me around everyone there. They are all going through things similar as me. I know I am not alone. They are like family. Even if I only see most of them at the meetings. I always seem to want to back out of the meetings before I go, but as soon as I’m there I love it. Clearly Satan trying to keep me away… I’ve been feeling quite under attack lately. I feel like every time I have overcome something, it all comes crumbling down. (which you probably know i you’ve read my recent few blogs.) But yeah anyway, we were back home around 11pm. Was a long, but good day!


Prayer Requests:
• Decision whether to go home or not.
• My students… ❤
• My personal relationship with God
• Health
• ***Language barrier***
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• To focus on God and make Him number 1 above all else
• For friendships
• Homesickness
• Patience, wisdom, courage, love…

***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤