I’ve been talking to some people lately and.. my heart is broken.

we give in.

we do things we wish had never happened.

we’re scared.

we feel alone.

feeling like we are drowning.

like theres no way out.

we are stuck.

no where to go,

other than staying where we are at.

i just want to tell you,

you are loved.

you are worthy.

you are precious.

you are treasured.

you are enough.

you are beloved.

not because of you.

but because of HIM.

you in yourself are not worthy of GODs love.

but because of JESUS,

you are.

HE died for you.

HE loves you so immensely,

so intensely,

that HE died so we could live in heaven for all eternity.

how amazing is that?

it’s your choice to make.

no one can make it for you.

you may say,

“i’m not ready”,

“i need to clean up my life first”,

but thats just the thing.

you don’t need to.

JESUS loves you.

just the way you are.

HE will take you,

and HE will clean you.

you will be made as white as snow.

come to HIM.

HE is there.

holding out HIS hand.

all you need to do,

is take it.

cling to HIM.

HE will help you.

all you need to do,

is hold on to HIM.

HE is there.

loving you.

you are HIS beloved child.