June 25 2017- Sunday
Woke up around 8, got ready, and went to Pailon around 9:30, had salteñas and then made our way to the city! First we went to the mall, sat in Starbucks for a good 2 hours, then went to TGI Fridays and had lunch! After, we went to the mall and just browsed a while. Then, we went to Los Pozes and Martin bought quite a bit of stuff since he lost his back pack with a lot of his stuff! Then around 4, we headed back home! Chilled in the evening!

June 26 2017-Monday
Got up at 3:45, made coffee and Martin came over around 4, we had coffee then he left around 4:30, and I went back to sleep until 6:30. Got ready, went to school. School went really good today! Came home, had maddach shloap until 3, chilled.

June 27 2017- Tuesday
Got up at 6:30, got ready and headed to school. Was a very tiring and draining day. Came home, cleaned the house a bit and chilled. Today felt like I long day. BOOKED TICKETS!! Only mom, dad, and Larissa know. I’ll surprise everyone else!:)

June 28 2017- Wednesday
Got up at 6:30, and headed off to school. School went REALLY well today! Last day of actual classes until after the 2 week break!! After work, came home, slept for a few hours, cleaned and relaxed.

June 29 2017- Thursday
Got up at 6, got ready and headed off to school. Today was really good! Played games with the high school kids, ate lunch, then watched some volleyball! Was a fun day!

June 30 2017- Friday
Got up around 6:30, and started getting ready for school. Last day! Then I have break! So exciting!! They only had soccer games today. I even played 3 games!! Was a long, but good day. I got the know many of the students in a different way which is exactly what was needed. Got back home around 5. Showered, cleaned a bit, then started supper. Martin got back around 6, we had supper, then we went to Saborys and had ice cream with John & Iliana, Whitney and David, Ilianas friend Ashley, and Ben. Then, went to the church for the dress rehearsal. Were there until about 8:30, then headed home and relaxed a bit!

July 1 2017- Saturday
ILIANA & JOHNS WEDDING! Got up at 5:30, got ready and Martin came for coffee around 6:10. Had coffee, then Iliana, Whitney, Ashley and I, went to the house where they will be getting ready. (I’m taking pictures for their wedding.) Got ready, did hair, helped with make-up, took getting ready pictures. Around 10, we went to the place where they did the first look and took pictures. After, I went home, got ready for the wedding, then went back and had lunch with everyone. Around 1, we went to the church and the wedding started at 2. Took pictures and stuff. It was a beautiful wedding! Went home around 4:30. I was EXHAUSTED! Relaxed the rest of the day.

July 2 2017- Sunday
Didn’t go to church today:/ I was still so drained from the crazy week I’ve had. I got up around 8:30, cleaned, showered, did laundry and looked through wedding pictures. Martin came over around 10:30. We went to Pailon for brunch, (salteñas of course) around 11. Went home, relaxed and watched some Corner Gas. Around 4:30, we went to Johns parents in Pailon for churrasco! We had wild pig. It tasted good! We left around 7, because I needed to finish packing, and Martin and I had to say goodbye:/ Whitney and David picked me up at 9, and off to the airport we go! Everything went well there! I did lose my passport! I hadn’t even relaized it yet, when I heard the 2 guys calling my name, SOOOO thankful!! Flew out at 2am.

July 3 2017- Monday
Arrived in Panama at 6am (Panama time) (7am Bolivia time) (5am Alberta time). Arrived in Mexico, had a 5 hour layover, then flew to Calgary. Landed in Calgary at 11pm, (1am Bolivia time). I got a taxi from the airport and went to the airport. The taxi dude was a talkative one. It was nice being able to speak in English though haha. Mom met me downstairs, and we went upstairs and I surprised TJ. It was so funny. He kept saying “WHAT?!” for the first 15 minutes haha. Hit the hay around 1am.

July 4 2017- Tuesday
Got up around 9, went for breakfast and Perkins. Tasted SOOO amazing. I’d been craving hash browns for so long. Then we got TIMMIES and went to Bass Pro Shop for a while. While we were in the mall area there, we see a Lens Crafters, I go in, and 10 minutes later I did my eye exam and picked out new frames! They should be ready in a week, but I will just pick them up in Edmonton before I fly out. After that, we got more TIMMIES, and started to head to Edmonton, but then we come back close to Calgary and mom goes to this antique place that she loves and buys things. After loading it all up, we start heading to Edmonton again. Stop in at Costco, then head to a hotel. I surprised Suzanne there! Her reaction was priceless! I love and missed that girl. Went to BP’s with her and mom and Tyler. Then after, Suz and I chilled outside talking for a while, it was a good day!

July 5 2017- Wednesday
Got up around 6:30, got ready, got some TIMMIES, and started our drive home. Stopped in Slave Lake to go into Wal-Mart a bit. There was a creepy guy.. like very creepy, so I sat in the vehicle with TJ for a bit while mom finished up there. We were in town around 4. No one knew I was coming. Kath was expecting a puppy, so I hid under a blanket, and when she opened the door, I popped out and said “woof!” she was so shocked. it was the sweetest. Really missed all my girls. ❤ After a bit, I went and surprised Kristina, Nicole, Leona and Brad! Then Brad, Rissa and I went for supper at The Grill, and Nicole joined us. Then around 7:30 I went and surprised Jen! It was a good time ❤

July 6 2017- Thursday
Cut & Colour. Lunch. Coffee with Nicole. Cruised. Chilled. Watched movie with Mom, Rissa and Kath.

July 7 2017- Friday
Meeting with Jason T at church. Doctor Appointment. Fire in Evening at Nicoles with Brad, Patrick, Andrew and Ed & Mariah. It was an amazing evening.

July 8 2017- Saturday
Breakfast with Mom and Jen. Lunch with Jen, Matt, Brad, Ken, Kailey. Cabin with Jen. Supper with Jen and Rissa. Espresso with Jen Leona and Rissa. Cruised. Hung out at Jen and Leonas for a bit. Went home. Watched movie

July 9 2017- Sunday
Church. Grandma and Grandpas for lunch. Talked with Martin. Miss him so much </3 Brad came over. Rissa, Brad and I went to BH Hills and Drop structures. Went to Subway for supper. Brad went to PLBC. Rissa headed to work. I relaxed.

July 10 2017- Monday
Breakfast with Mom. Lunch with Kristina. Went through my seed can and put a lot on La Crete Buy and Sell. Stayed at home and had people come and go all day.

July 11 2017- Tuesday
Went for breakfast with Kath and Mom. Went to Cabin with mom and Kath. Then went to Aunt SusanZ for coffee. It was great. Went to PLBC in the evening for chapel, evening event and campfire, then picked up Kath from work. Chilled with Kath in the eve.

July 12 2017- Wednesday
Went to PLBC for breakfast. Went for lunch with mom. Got ready because I wanted to go to PLBC for formal night. Went to PLBC, but decided to go to Wadlin. Left town at 4:30, and arrived in Wadlin around suppertime. Shpitzeered with a few uncles and aunts and cousins. Drove back around 8. Picked up food from Pizza Place. Came home. Watched Finding Dory.

July 13 2017- Thursday
Got up around 9, had coffee with mom. Went for brunch with Mom, Rissa, Kath and TJ. Went into a few stores to get some things. Came home, had a bath, chilled, blogged. Had supper. Went to Espresso House with Jordan and Larissa. Then cruised around with Larissa until 9, then did a photoshoot with Andrea!

July 14 2017- Friday
Got up at 6, got ready and Rissa and I left town at 7:30. Arrived in Grande Prairie around 1. Went to Ricky’s for lunch. Then booked in to our hotel at the Redwood Inn. Got ready and went to TeePee Creek Rodeo. Kathleen was there already and we met her there. I felt super uncomfortable being there… the rodeo part was good, but all the rest of it seemed to revolve around drinking, so Rissa and I left at 5. We went to our hotel and ordered pizza and relaxed. Suz and Trenton came to the hotel a bit and I played hide and seek with Trenton, it was great:) Around 10, Rissa and I went back to TeePee to pick up Kath. I was super uncomfortable. It broke my heart. Got back to hotel and chilled.

July 15 2017- Saturday
Woke up around 8, got ready, then went to the mall until 12. Got Starbucks and drove home. We went along the 88 because on the way we stopped in at Wadlin because we were having our Peters campout. We got there around 5:30, had supper, then shpitzeered with people. After went boating with Mike. It was a good time. Around 9 they started playing music so we chilled, held babies, changed diapers, had coffee, and shpitzeered. It was cool. Left around 11, got home around 1.

July 16 2017- Sunday
Got up around 8:30, went to church…… after church, went to Subway, went home, chilled, then around 3 took pics with Jen, Leona and Larissa. Came home, relaxed. Around 7, I left for High Level, met Larissa and Leona at BP’s. Had supper, then said goodbye. it was not fun. Then, went to Timmies, went through the drive-thru and spoke to them in Spanish. It was funny. Then drove home. When I got home and spoke with mom and dad for a while….. really confused, but it helped.

July 17 2017- Monday
Woke up at 6, spoke with Martin on the phone until 7, slept until 8, spoke with Martin again until 9, then got ready for the day. Went for lunch with Mom, Dad, and Jordan. Jim and Susie came and I spoke with them for a bit. It helped. Came home, had a nap, spoke with Martin for a while. Picked up coffee, then @ of my aunts and my Grandma came over for supper. Around 7:30 I went to Nicoles and had movie monday. Brad joined as well. Came home around 10.


Prayer Requests:
• My doctor appointments
• Saying goodbye to my Canadians ❤
• My personal relationship with God
• Getting back into the swings when school starts again
• ***Language barrier***
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• To focus on God and make Him number 1 above all else
• For friendships
• Getting adjusted to Bolivia life again
• Patience, wisdom, courage, love…

***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤