July 18 2017- Tuesday
Woke up at 6, went to Country Grill at 6:30, had for breakfast Tuesday! Came home, facetimed with Martin for a while. Went to the grill again at 11, came home and packed!! 😮

July 19 2017- Wednesday
Got up around 9:30 went to Cutting Edge to watch Janice get her hair done. Went to Espresso for lunch with her, then went home. At home I quickly got ready, then mom and I picked up aunt Susan and we were off around 2. We arrived in Edmonton around 9.

July 20 2017- Thursday
Did city things. I was super tired. I went to hotel pretty early. Mom and Aunt Susan picked me up, went to Red Robin for supper. Relaxed and mom went through my suitcases.

July 21 2017- Friday
Got up at 5. Got ready, left for airport at 5:30. Picked up Timmies on the way. Saying goodbye sucks. Flew out at 8. Houston. Panama. Bolivia.

July 22 2017- Saturday
Eva picked me up from the airport around 5. Came home, had coffee with Martin. Slept a bit. Pretty much was just the laziest person today.

July 23 2017- Sunday
Slept until 9ish. Went to Pailon for Salteñas. Another relaxing day.

July 24 2017- Monday
Woke up at 3:50, got ready, then Martin came over around 4. We had coffee and papaya:) Martin left shortly after 5. I got ready for school and had a very relaxed morning. Left for school around 7. School went really well today! I was a bit scared because I’d been gone for a while, plus I’m teaching alone this week because Whitney is at a soccer thing with some students. After school, I came home, ate lunch and had a 3 hour nap! SOOO tired.

July 25 2017- Tuesday
Got up around 7:30, I almost panicked because I was late for work, but then I realized I had set my alarm for then because of my free period this morning. Got ready headed to school. School went well again today! A little overwheming at moments but still really good:) Dad had sent along frisbees for the students and they LOVE them! It was so hot today (about +36). But they didn’t care and played and ran around plating frisbee:) After school, I came home, did dishes (3x) because i hadnt done the dishes this weekend (:o) Cleaned and tidied a bit and chilled. It’s been a good day. I do miss my people though:)

July 26 2017- Wednesday
Today was good! School went really well! Little bumps here and there but still a good day:) The students absolutely LOVE the frisbees! After school, I had lunch, then went over to Arlie and Evas. I had asked Eva to take me to the clinic here in Villa Nueva to get my IV. Their dog had just had puppies a few weeks ago and they were feeding them. SO CUTE. I think I would love to get a dog here.. maybe once I know what’s going to happen. Anyway, went to the clinic, didn’t take long and it was in and I was gone home. Didn’t do much, maybe because I was on a leash lol. The IV lasted about 3 hours, then Eva came to help take it out. I cleaned a bit, then made some iced tea, lit some candles, and read for a while. Was such a relaxing evening.

July 27 2017- Thursday
today.was.hard. it was overwhelming from the start. one of the classes i had in the afternoon were… well… it could have gone better. i took 4 boys aside and had to talk with them. tears in my eyes. it was so hard. i really just want to be a light and it feels so hopeless some days. after the talk, one boy hung around until the others were out of the class, then he hugged me and said he was sorry. ok so now i had to stay in the classroom for a few minutes otherwise i would have burst out, full out crying. on top of that i’ve been dealing with some personal matters as of late and i just don’t know where to start. i am tired. done. drained. i still love school. i still love bolivia. i’m just tired.

July 28 2017- Friday
Didn’t go to school today. I had a huge headache and was super dizzy. Spent the day in bed drinking tea & reading.

July 29 2017- Saturday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHLEEN!! I got up at 8, showered and got ready. Whitney came over for tea at 10. It was really good. I missed hanging out with people. She left around 11:30. I had lunch and made ice coffee and finished my book! Martin was here around 3. We sat outside and had terere and just chilled for a while. For supper I made potatoes and corn on the cob! After supper, we went to Saborys for ice cream with Whitney & David! Came home, watched a show then hit the hay.

July 30 2017- Sunday
Woke up at 7:30, got ready, Martin came over, had coffee, then walked to church. Church was really good!! I love this church. I’m still not super confident in singing in german but getting the hang of it:) After church we got a taxi and went to Pailon. Had salteñas and headed to the city! We went to starbucks for coffee and sat outside for almost 2 hours talking, then went into the mall, took out money, then went to The Hard Rock Cafe for lunch! It was super cool in there. (very pricy though) Then we went to 6de Augusto and Los Pozos. After that, went to the San Julian micros (micros are like buses/taxis) and we were off to San Julian! (which is an hour past Villa Nueva) When we got there, Martin showed me where I’d have to catch another micro to the place where I’d meet him when I go to visit him and his family next weekend! 😮 Caught a micro back to Pailon, had supper, then came home! It was around 9 already when we got back. I should get my ultrasound results on the 8th.


Prayer Requests:
• My ultrasound results
• That I will be who my students need me to be
• My personal relationship with God
• Answers…
• ***Language barrier***
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• To focus on God and make Him number 1 above all else
• For friendships
• Patience, strength wisdom, courage, love…

***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤