i’ve been so encouraged lately by family.

getting messages & comments from my aunts and uncles, cousins and family members mean so much to me.

i feel very disconnected from everyone sometimes, and getting that encouragement and support means everything to me.

i am so blessed to have so many christians in my family.

ones who not only are my family by blood, but by the blood of JESUS as well.

ones who know the true meaning of the gospel, and look to HIM above all else.

knowing that there are people praying for me, loving me, and supporting me is one of the biggest things that helps me through many tough days.

you are someone that truly has impacted who i am as a person.

you have given me the sense of family.

of love.

of understanding.

of praising our LORD.

& having those same people now supporting me and encouraging me..

i’m so overwhelmed and thankful for each one of you<3


Joanna ❤