July 31 2017- Monday
School. Came home. ZERO energy.

Aug 1 2017- Tuesday
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM & DAD!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! School. Went well. Very tired. No.energy.at.all.

Aug 2 2017- Wednesday
School. Came home. Energy is not coming back. So cold.

Aug 3 2017- Thursday
Today went better! After school I went to Pailon with Whitney to get a shirt for the March tomorrow. Needs to be a white, collared blouse. Tried to see if I could get my phone fixed. Needs a new screen because mine just stopped working. But it costs SOO much money. Came home, cleaned and stuff.

Aug 4 2017- Friday
Went to school. Had the dance part then did the march. Was home before 11. Cleaned and packed. (going to Cariño tomorrow)

Aug 5 2017- Saturday
Got up at 5, continued getting ready. Whitney was trying to call the taxi line to pick me up, but no one answered until almost 7. I went out to the enterance around 7:30, got picked up shortly after 8. Was at San Julian shortly after 9, went to the micro place but they said it was full and I needed to wait until 12. So I sat there for 3 hours, reading and chilling. Hopped on the bus at 11:30, and we were off at 12. This 12:00 run took the long way around so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a long ride. Super super full and hot. I was nervous. I was overwhelmed. Then we had a flat tire yet. I was fully convinced i wouldn’t make it to Cariño at this point. But eventually i got to Nueclo 53, and Martin was there. I jumped on the bike and off the Cariño we were. When we got there I met his family and we sat and had terere and coffee a while. Saw toucans! Then I showered, and after we had charasco:) It was a good time.

August 6 2017- Sunday
Got up, went to church with his family, then came back and had lunch. After lunch, Martin, his brother and I walked out back and saw some monkeys!! It was super cool. Then Martin and I went for a cruise on his bike and i saw an alligator! We drove around for a while, Martin was showing me things:) Came back, chilled outside. Ate fresh coconut. Saw an armadillo. It was a really good day:):)

August 7 2017- Monday
Got up at 6:30, got ready, had breakfast, then drove to 53 and got on the 8:00 micro. Got to San Julian around 10:30, got in another micro and it dropped me off at Villa Nueva, was at home shortly after 12! Had a nap, cleaned a bit, and relaxed today!

August 8 2017- Tuesday
Went to School. Today actually went by super fast, it was a really good day!! Then after school, cleaned, re-arranged, and washed the floors! Practiced some pain, read a bit. It was a really good day. In the evening I relaxed and listened to a few podcasts. Got the ultrasound results! I need to do an MRI when I get back home. They aren’t super worried. It is a solid tumor, but it’s longer as opposed to wider, which is a good sign so PTL for that!

August 09 2017- Wednesday
Got up, got ready, and headed to school. We had chapel first thing and it was really good! School went really great again today! After school, I had lunch, relaxed a bit. (wanted to nap but couldn’t) So I washed the dishes, and cleaned and organized my spare room! Been feeling super productive and energetic lately which i love! Skyped with Larissa for about an hour. Had supper, then chilled in bed!

August 10 2017- Thursday
Got up, headed to school. My first class I had conversation with the grade 9’s. It went surprisingly well! My theme in all my classes right now is kindness. So, we decided that they would come over next Wednesday and we would bake cookies and bring them to families in the community! Then I had a free period and found out that my sister had given me money.. she is seriously the sweetest person in the world. Then.. i found out about the accident that happened last night.. stunned. shocked. i can’t believe it.. i dont understand… After school, I went home and didn’t really do anything…

August 11 2017- Friday
Got up, went to school. School went really well today! After school, I came home, had a nap, then cleaned the house and finished my book! Also studied Luke 16:9 for a while. Martin and I talked about that verse last weekend and weren’t sure what it meant. Chilled, relaxed.

August 12 2017- Saturday
Got up around 8, got ready, cleaned a bit more, studied some more. Martin was here at 11, we got ready, then went to Pailon for salteñas. After, we went to the city, went to Starbucks, took out money, had ice cream, and wanted a movie in the theatre! It felt like i was back in America lands. Were back home around 8. Chilled, watched full house.

August 13 2017- Sunday
Got up around 7, got ready, martin came over around 8, I made french toast and eggs, had coffee, then went to church. Church was really good today! It was about we, as christians, don’t need to fear God (in the sense of the consequences) because Jesus took our place, he is perfect love, and perfect love casts out fear. That’s not saying we shouldn’t have a fearing/respect of HIM. After church, we went to Anne & Diedrichs and had some matè outside. Then came home, and had more matè. Had varsh and pasta for lunch. Watched some full house, had coffee, and had a few hour bible study. discussing luke 16:9, then decided to do a bible study between the 2 of us. Around 7, we made sandwhiches and had popcorn and watched a movie. Face-timed with Iliana a bit, found out they won’t be coming back next weekend after all!! 😦 They are staying in Belize another month. Kinda miss them.


Prayer Requests:
• My ultrasound results. PTL.
• That I will be who my students need me to be
• My personal relationship with God
• Health
• ***Language barrier***
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• To focus on God and make Him number 1 above all else
• For friendships
• Patience, wisdom, courage, love…

***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤