September 1 2017- Friday
Got up around 5:30, got ready for school. School went alright! The first thing that happened was our english classrooms were FULL of water!! Someone had left the water upstairs and it had been running since the day before!! So that made the day super interesting! After school, I went home, and around 2 Eva took me to get my IV done! It was done around 7. Relaxed in the evening.

September 2 2017- Saturday
Got up around 7, cleaned and relaxed. Martin came over around 11. Around 1 we went to the city! Did Starbucks and TGI Fridays. Was pretty chill. Were home for the evening. Watched a show and just chilled.

September 3 2017- Sunday
Got up around 7, got ready for church, Martin came over around 8, had breakfast and headed to church. Church was good! After church, we had lunch then relaxed a bit. Around 3 we decided to go to Pailas beach, have a picnic, read the Bible and watch the sun go down! It was so perfect!

September 4 2017- Monday
Got up around 5:30, had coffee with Martin, then got ready to go to school. School went well! In my grade 5 class, we went to a couples house to see if they needed any help with anything, they didn’t unfortunately! After school, I went home and relaxed a bit, Martin is still here. Apparently there was a bloqueo so around 3:30, Martin and I drove to 4 Cañada to see, but there was nothing. The drive there was beautiful, the way back we killed SOOOO many bugs with our faces because it was dark. Were back around 8.

September 5 2017- Tuesday
Got up around 5:30, had coffee with Martin. School went well! Very tiring day. Came home and just did nothing all day. Martin went to the city to work with his papers.

September 6 2017- Wednesday
Got up around 6, my head felt kinda funny, but i just shook it off and went to school. By the time chapel started, my headache was soo much worse. By second period i couldn’t handle it anymore and went home. I napped from 10 until 3. It felt a bit better, so i went to Anne Diedrich and had tererè with Anne and her daughter Helen. I stayed there for a while, then came home and the pain had come back. Martin showed up around 6, because i needed to sign a few papers for him. Went to sleep around 9.

September 7 2017- Thursday
Didn’t go to school today my migraine was just to bad. mainly stayed in bed all day.

September 8 2017- Friday
Got up around 8, went to the expo/rodeo thing at 9, had empanada de queso and walked around a bit. Around 3 Martin and I went to pailas and walked along the beach, then after went to Pailon for supper. Relaxed in the evening.

September 9 2017- Saturday
Got up around 6:30, got ready, made some coffee and sat outside reading ephesians. Martin came over around 8. Had breakfast and chilled outside some more. Found out I have a mango tree in my backyard!! Chilled all day. Thought about maybe going to the city but it’s been unreal windy and dusty and dry we didn’t feel up to it.

September 10 2017- Sunday
Got up around 6:30, showered and got ready for church. Then I sat outside reading colossians and drinking matè for a while. Martin showed up around 9. Had breakfast, then went to the rodeo grounds for church. It was really good! There were so many people. People from all surrounding areas. It was great to see. After church they had a lot of singing! After, we had a hot dog from the fair, walked around a bit, then came home because the wind was just to insane. Had watermelon and chilled. We went back to the fair around 4. Watched a few horse races and then watched a group of students do a country dance! Then watched a few horse jumping things. Around 5:30, we went to Pailon for supper, but on the way Martins bike got a flat! So we walked from one end of town to the other walking his bike lol. Finally found a moto repair shop. David came and helped us which was so great! 2 hours and 8 b’s later it was patched! We went for supper then headed home! Relaxed in the evening, went to bed around 9.

September 11 2017- Monday
Got up at 5:30, got ready, Martin came over around 5:45. Had coffee & breakfast. Left for school around 6:45. School went well today! After school, I quickly went home to change out of my uniform and ran back to school. I took the micro (bus) to Pailon and took the trophy to Santa Cruz! First time i’ve ever gone alone!! Then i hailed a taxi myself and went to meet Martin! (he was in the city working with his passport) We went to Papa Johns for a late lunch, then went to Los Pozes. Martin bought a pair of pants. Then we went to to pirata and went back home.We got back home around 5:30, and Martin made pancakes for supper. Relaxed a bit then hit the hay around 8:30.

September 12 2017- Tuesday
Got up around 3:30, Martin came over around 3:45, had coffee and then Martin left around 4:30. I went back to sleep until 7. Got ready and headed to school. After school I relaxed a bit and cleaned up. Then around 7 Trudy Friessen came over for tea. She stayed until almost 9 then I hit the hay!

September 13 2017- Wednesday
Got up around 6.. was so exhausted I just couldn’t get out of bed. Quikly downloaded some songs in the morning and put them on my usb. (I’m doing songs in chapel) School went super well! Wednesdays usually do:) After school, I came home and slept from 1 until 4!! (i told ya’ll i was tired) After my nap I was lazy a while, then did some laundry. Around 5:45 I went to Anne & Diedrichs because they invited me over for supper and games! It was a great evening. I stayed there until almost 9, came home, showered and went to sleep!

September 14 2017- Thursday
Got up at 5:30, got ready, had a little bit of extra siting outside time after devotionals so that was nice. School went really well again today! All my conversation classes have something different that they’re doing! grade 8’s are making their own enlish/spanish flashcards. grade 7’s are doing Bible activities, and grade 6’s are reading the Bible! (they want to stat in revelations) After school the grade 9’s and Whitney and I worked on the garden at school. I stayed until about 4:30. Then I came home, cleaned a bit and made supper. Then I pinterested and blogged. I had wanted to go to a thing at church but i was so tired and it was a marriage thing so doesn’t really apply to me haha.

September 15 2017- Friday
Got up at 5:30… IT WAS RAINING!!!!! PTL! ❤ Then i got ready and had breakfast outside. Then headed off to school around 6:40. There’s always this boy who, first thing he does, is give me the most longest, sweetest, most loving hug as soon as he sees me at school. Seriously just makes my morning every time. School went really good today! This whole week, school has just been amazing!!:):) In my grade 6 class, while getting the students to sit down, one of the boys said “you sit you down.” I didn’t know if i heard correctly, but my heart just soared with joy! I went up to him and asked him what he had said and where he’d heard it from. He said “a funny german video” I told him that the guy in there was my dad and he was sooo surprised!! After that, every recess he came up to me and just casually said a line from the video as he passed me. Seriously my favourite!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ After school, I took the micro to Pailon and jumped in a trophy to Santa Cruz and got a taxi to Starbucks! ME DATE! ❤ First time in the city alone:)


Prayer Requests:
• Praise item: School is getting SOOO much better.
• That I will be who my students need me to be
• My personal relationship with God
• Health
• ***Language barrier***
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• To focus on God and make Him number 1 above all else
• For friendships
• Patience, wisdom, courage, love…

***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤