September 30 2017- Saturday
Got up at 7, cleaned, Iliana and John came over at 8:30 for coffee. After I relaxed. I caught up on my blog, relaxed a while, netflixed. Then prepared myself to go to school for parent teacher interviews. Got there at one, to prepare and set up. Parents started coming around 2. It was so good. Some parents completely open up, and you can see their love and compassion for their child(ren). It broke my heart, but filled my heart with love all at the same time. I hurt for my students who are in a rough patch in their lives. Whitney and I also had really good talks. It was exactly what I needed. Open, honest, non-judging, spiritual, compassionate talks. Was back home around 9. Relaxed a while then went to sleep. I was EXHAUSTED.

October 1 2017- Sunday
Got up around 7, got ready, Diedrich gave me a ride to Pailon around 7:45! Then I hopped into the trophy and headed to the city! Got there around 9, got a taxi to the mall, and sat in Starbucks for a while! Shortly after 10, I go out because I wanted to take out money. Chilled and waited because I thought the mall opened at 10, found out after 1/2 hour of waiting that it opened at 11 on Sundays, so I just chilled out there until it opened. Went in, took out money, went into Forever 21, and walked around a bit. Around 11:30, I went out to Johnny Rockets for lunch! After lunch I got a taxi to Alexander Coffee. Chilled there, had coffee, read a few books of the bible, figured out some stuff for school and just breathed until about 4. Then I walked about 1.5 km to a grocery store, bought a little toaster oven (because my oven in the house hasn’t been working for quite some time) and a few other items I needed. Got into the trophy and headed to Pailon. Got to Pailon, and got a taxi to Villa Nueva. There was a baggie of cocaine chilling on the backseat.. really made me want to share Jesus with him… Got home, cleaned up a bit and relaxed for the rest of the day.

October 2 2017- Monday
Got up around 5:45, got ready and headed off to work. Today was Iliana’s first day back teaching. Today was a busy but good day! After school, I came home, had lunch, then napped from 1 until 4. Around 5, Iliana and Whitney came over and we did face masks and Whitney worked on her visa stuff. It was some good girl time! They left around 7:30, then I had supper and relaxed for the rest of the day.

October 3 2017- Tuesday
Today was a good, but very tiring day. I got up around 6:45, went to school around 7:30. School went well, my student that gives me a hug every day tracked me down at recess and gave me that famous 1 minute hug ❤ ❤ ❤ because “hiy dide me nich addressen sumaryus.” Seriously the sweetest kid. The rest of the day went well. My afternoon classes got me very tired, but it was still a good day. After school, I cleaned, washed and swept my house. Then, because I was getting kinda dizzy, I hit the hay early.

October 4 2017- Wednesday
I didn’t go to school today because I was so light-headed and dizzy. I had nightmares all night about me smelling things and getting dizzy, of falling in circles, must have been dizzy even in my sleep. So I just relaxed the rest of the day. Around 2-3 my lower right part of my stomach area started hurting a lot. I just thought “whatever, it’ll pass.” but it didn’t. So I called mom, she said it sounded like my appendix, and that I should go get it checked out, so around 7, I texted a few people to see if they could bring me to the clinic. Anne came to pick me up around 7:45. We finally got to see the doctor around 9. **NOTE: The clinic here in Villa Nueva is all Spanish and German, so all the speaking is done in either language.* After discussing things and him poking my stomach, he told us that he thinks it’s my appendix, but to know for sure he needed to do blood work. The person that does blood work lives in Santa Cruz, so after he called her, he told us we should come back in an hour. So we went to Anne & Diedrichs a bit and played a game. Around 10:30 we went back, and waited until 11:30 until she was here. Did blood work and a urine test. I was supposed to pay right away but I had forgotten my wallet at home! So Anne paid it for me. ❤ 1/2 an hour later, the results are ready. We see the doctor again and he said that he figured that it was my appendix because there were a few numbers off, one especially that was supposed to be between 5000-10,000, and mine was 13,000 which made him worried. So I had to stay overnight and do surgery in the morning. I was feeling a lot better at this point so I kinda got internally frustrated and bitter about it all. “What does he know?” “We didn’t even do an ultrasound.” “I feel fine.” “We’re gonna do it all for nothing.” “Nothing is wrong with me.” Anyway, around 1:30 I was hooked up to the IV and in the bed ready to get some sleep. The ‘rooms’ here are just like a ‘day bed’ in Canada, small and not so comfy, and curtains for walls and people right beside you which.. because I was so upset already just made me more frustrated. (ALSO, if you’re reading this and you know me very well.. then you’re probably chuckling because you know how I get when I’m sick and.. yeah. lol)

October 5 2017- Thursday
They woke me up at 4:30am and said that I should go to the bathroom and in 30 min they would start prepping me for surgery. I was still soon convinced that I should not be having this surgery. I had gotten close to no sleep last night (even though I took my melatonin pills) because of a man snoring… I called Anne at 5am (bless her soul, she got out of bed and came to the clinic) And when she got there, I was just about to get ready for surgery. Before I went into the surgery room Anne prayed for me. I know I just kept saying to God, “Please let something happen so I don’t need to do surgery.. I know I don’t need it… If You think I’m fine Lord PLLEEEAASSSSEEE just don’t let this surgery go through.” But I went into the surgery room. Sat down on the bed and they started doing all sorts of things. This one lady was behind me, feeling around my spine, for a moment I even thought she sliced open my back (so much paranoia), all I could think is “yup now I know it’s all wrong, my back doesn’t hurt. I’m probably getting someone else’s surgery.. yep, they got me mixed up with someone else.” Turns out she was just wanting to give me and epidural lol. The doctor kept telling me to curve my back like a cat, I did, then they found the place and I’d straighten my back and they’d have to start all over, this continued for quite a while, lol I pity the doctors that have to deal with me. Finally I just let myself go since God just wasn’t putting anything in the way to stop it. I was so convinced that I should not do this surgery! When they finally got the epidural done, I lay down and the doctor was feeling around my stomach and he pulls out this huge knife! I kept shoving his hands away from me because I was so convinced that this epidural was what was going to make me fall asleep and I was’t asleep yet! lol no I’m not very educated. I asked him after a while, “I thought I would be put to sleep… Am I not going to be?” He said chuckled a bit and said yes I would be put to sleep for the surgery. Then the lady put the tube (anesthesia gas breather inner tube thingamajig) in under my nose and I was out. I woke up… I don’t know how, or why, or what, or huh. But I know I woke up somehow.. lol I remember looking at the time and it was shortly after 9am. Anne was still there<3 They said that there had been a cyst in between the appendix and large intestine that was bigger that my appendix so they took that out as well. I was highish and out of it all day. I remember peeing every 5 seconds and wanting to eat and drink, and that After a while, Eva Peters came and Anne went home to sleep, and when Eva left, then Margaret Harder (the pastor wife here in V.N and a fellow MEM member) was there for a while and we talked about the shooting in Vegas and some kind of spice… I think we talked about personal stuff like family yet too but I can’t remember. I got chicken broth and jello for lunch. Then around 3 Anne came back until about 7. And I got chicken broth again for supper. After supper I remember Whitney and David came to visit me and drop off some books ❤ I remember them saying it was very cold in the room.. lol thats it. My mind either is just drawing a blank or I was pretty drugged up on meds.

October 6 2017- Friday
The people were saying I would probably be able to get out today. I woke up at 5 and chilled.. still peeing all the time. I felt a lot better though. At 8am they took out my IV and said I was free to go. Eva came to get me around 9:30. I got home and the next door neighbour saw us and asked what happened, Eva explained and we went inside, we were barely inside and the lady comes up and asks if she can make some soup for me ❤ We talked awhile and then she and Eva left. I showered and had a quick nap. I woke up around 12, and see that the neighbour lady brought soup over ❤ I have a bit, then Bev Driedger comes and picks me up! She had asked earlier in the day if I wanted to come over for the night, just to not be alone and to have someone take care of me<3 Plus her husband and the boys were gone until tomorrow afternoon so it was perfect time! Which was amazing because the doctors didn’t want me to be alone the first night. I get there and we relax a bit, talking with Bev and Judy (Harms), I took a nap, and then continued sitting on the recliner. Had supper around 6, and around 7:30 some ladies showed up for movie night! We watched Good Burger lol People left around 10:30, then I went directly to bed, I was SO tired… Judy and I slept in the boys bunk beds haha.

October 7 2017- Saturday
I woke up around 6, and chilled in bed until almost 9, then I get up, and I’m feeling A LOT better!! We sit and have coffee and some dads cookies and just have an awesome lazy Saturday morning. Really reminded me of being at home<3 Around 11 Judy dropped me off at home. Martin was already there. He didn’t know about the surgery until this morning because he doesn’t have service in Cariño. Anyway, went to bed and chilled and watched movies all day. Really missed Martin. Not seeing him last weekend, plus having surgery just made me miss him a lot.

October 8 2017- Sunday
Got up around 7, Martin came over around 9:30. We listen to a few sermons online from Countryside. Lay in bed all day. Feeling better. Until I sneezed. That hurts. Whitney and David came by for a few minutes, and John and Iliana came by for a bit a brought us soup<3

October 9 2017- Monday
Got up around 8, Martin came over shortly after 8. Another super lazy lazy day. Still feeling alright. Started reading Preparing To Be A Help-Meet again. So thankful for Martin these last few days. He’s been amazing. Helping me in every single way possible. Going to Pailon to get things, cleaning the house, making meals, helping me get out of bed and just everything!<3 While he was in Pailon getting supper, 2 ladies stop in and say that they made a list for people to bring me a meal a day for the next 2 weeks ❤ Martin left around 8:30, I relaxed a bit, then called Rissa for a while.

October 10 2017- Tuesday
Got up around 4:20, when Martin came over, had coffee with him, and he left shortly before 5. I went back to sleep until almost 10. Around 12, a young girl and her little brother stop by and bring me my lunch! Spaghetti & meat-sauce and a bottle of Sprite<3 The rest of the day is just chilling and reading and drinking tea&coffee and watching way to much netflix.


Prayer Requests:
• My surgery went well PTL
• Recovery
• My personal relationship with God
• That I will be able to go back to school soon
• ***Language barrier***
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• To focus on God and make Him number 1 above all else
• For friendships
• Patience, wisdom, courage, love…

***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤