October 11 2017- Wednesday

October 12 2017- Thursday
BED REST. Been having pain for the last few days. So around 7, Anne takes me to the clinic here in V.N. They wanted me to stay there for the night, but I was stubborn and said I didn’t want to. Could convince the Dr. I would come in the next day if the pain didn’t go away.

October 13 2017- Friday
BED REST. Pain didn’t go away. Around 1:30 Abe and Margaret Harder picked me up and drove me to a clinic in the city. First we went to emergency doctor and he wanted to check for infection through the incision, but after he took out one stitch he realized it was healed already. So, we had to do blood work and get me hooked up to an IV. Then after about an hour we did an ultrasound. When we got the results for the ultrasound, they said they found fluid in under where I had done the surgery, and in order to know how much and if they would need to go in and drain it we needed to do an MRI. Martin showed up at the clinic around 7pm. Around 9, they told us that their MRI was down and we needed to go to another place to do it with an ambulance. So Margaret and I went with, they dropped me off in the middle of a street having to make people stop lol. Then they brought me into this tiny little shack-like hole-in-the-wall place and we go through a storage-room like room and the guys transfer me from the stretcher to the MRI bed. At this point I’m convinced this is all very sketchy and the dye this dude will inject into my IV will be poison lol. Looking back now I find it funny because the hospital sent me and I was in good care. But anyway, i’m so scared at this point. This guy only speaks Spanish (as most) but no one else is allowed to be in the room. But I understand what he’s asking and saying for the most part. As the dude is putting the dye into my iv, he does it so quick that it makes the seringe squish sound and i’m like, ok this is it, I’m gonna be gone. lol But it all works and soon they are loading me back up and I go back to the clinic. As we get back to the clinic, Martin and Abe had gone to my room, but I needed to a few more tests, then around 1am I am finally wheeled up to my room and Abe and Margaret leave.

October 14 2017- Saturday
In hospital all day. The fluid that was there was because some fluid had dripped while they took out my appendix, and had pooled up and became infected. They said I needed to stay until tomorrow forsure. Martin has been so amazing through all of this ❤ ❤

October 15 2017- Sunday
In hospital all day. They said I could not go home today, but I can go tomorrow. I am feeling a lot better today. Around 4, Abe and Margaret and Henry and Caroline came to visit me. They even brought me frozen yogurt. We sit outside on the patio for a while. Facetimed with family, and picked Christmas Box names!

October 16 2017- Monday
Was released around 12:30. Abe and Margaret and Henry and Caroline picked us up. Went to this immigration place but I am so low on energy so Martin and I just get an express taxi and head to Pailon. Eva picked us up there and brings us home. Mom had gotten flowers delivered to my house ❤ ❤ ❤ We have a quick coffee, then Martin leaves for Cariño. Around 5, three of my students show up at my door! We chill outside for a while. They stayed about an hour. Then they left and I had supper. Then some other students show up, asking me when I will come back to school because they miss me ❤ <3. After supper, I go through all of my clothes! Whitney and Iliana came by to see if there is anything they would want. Then I sleep.

October 17 2017- Tuesday
Bed rest. Drained. Pain.

October 18 2017- Wednesday
Bed rest. Felt a bit better today! Was invited to Anne and Diedrichs for lunch!In the evening, since I was so bored I was going nuts, I decided to make donuts.

October 19 2017- Thursday
Faceted with family a bit. Anne came over and brought me little mini chocolate pies and some chocolate pudding! It was raining a bit today! I loved it. Chilled outside on a hammock for a while watching the rain. Around 6, Iliana came over and we watched a movie and had cappachinos.

October 20 2017- Friday
Didn’t do much today. Getting a lot more energy which is nice! Watched many cartoons. Blogged. Did my nails. Cleaned the house a bit. In the evening went over to Ilianas for a little bit. Came home. Talked with Rissa. Man I miss my family.

Prayer Requests:
• Infection gone. PTL
• That I will be able to go back to school soon
• My personal relationship with God
• Health
• ***Language barrier***
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• Patience, wisdom, courage, love…

***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤