October 21 2017- Saturday
Anne came over for coffee and brought me a saltena! Martin came back around lunch. Went to Pailon for lunch. Went to John and Ilianas for terere. Made roll kuchen for supper.

October 22 2017- Sunday
Rainy! Had pain all night. Martin came over at 8, had coffee outside. John and Iliana came over a bit after lunch, but didn’t stay very long because Eva told me it would be best if I went back to the clinic. So Billy Kehler picked up Martin and I around 1:30 and we went back to Foianini. Saw the Dr. and made arrangements to come back tomorrow and do a few ultrasounds. Came back home.

October 23 2017- Monday
Woke up around 6, had coffee, went to city around 7. Anne and Diedrich dropped us off at Pailon, and their daughter Helen, picked us up at the pirata and helped us out at the clinic. Went to do the ultrasounds, and apparently we needed an appointment which they didn’t tell us yesterday. So, I really didn’t want to make this trip again, so ended up staying at a hotel in the city called LP Hoteles. Spent the day bumming around, went to Papa Johns for lunch, chilled, went to starbucks, went to see a movie in the evening.

October 24 2017- Tuesday
Got up around 8, had coffee at this cute little downstairs place, went to starbucks, then Helen picked us up again and headed to the clinic. Did the ultrasounds. It was nothing too too serious, but I found out that my PCOS is back.. they told me I needed to go to a gynaecologist but I really don’t want to deal with that without family, so just going to do that at home. Went to Factory for lunch, then headed home. A few of my mangos from my tree were ripe!!

October 25 2017- Wednesday
Chilled all day, went to Pailas in the evening and watched the sunset from the train tracks. Martin is just staying here this week.

October 26 2017- Thursday
Didn’t do much today, didn’t have much evergy. Did dishes. Had coffee. Anne brought fresh buns and strawberry freezer jam… YUM! Tasted like my childhood.

October 27 2017- Friday
Made roll kuchen for lunch. Went to Anne and Diedrich in the afternoon, borrowed some bricks from them because Martin and I would like to make a little fire pit/bbq thing, Martin and Diedrich brought them over to our house, then came back and had terere with Anne and I. They invited us to stay for supper. Had supper there, Anne gave me pineapple jam, its SO good. Came home, chilled.

October 28 2017- Saturday
Got up around 6, got ready, then Martin and I went to Santa Cruz around 7, because I needed to do a census. (all people that are not legal bolivians and been in Bolivia for more than 3 months need to do this) So we got to the city, picked up Starbucks and went to the Immigration place. The line was INSANELY long. We got there shortly after 8, and I didn’t leave until shortly after 2! Went to Fridays for lunch, then went to 6de Agust and bought a helmet for Martin. Then came home.

October 29 2017- Sunday
Got up, got ready and went to church. Came home, and Martin and I made chuleta (pork chop) and kabobs over the little fire thing we made with the bricks from Anne and Diedrich! It was SOOO good. Tried a melon, but I don’t think it was ripe, so it wasn’t very sweet. Martin left around 5 to go to Cariño. I ate mangos and chilled.

October 30 2017- Monday
I WENT BACK TO SCHOOL!!! Just went for 4 out of 6 periods, but it was good to be back. I really missed the school envirement and all my students! Missing family. Went to Ilianas for terere with her, whitney and john for a bit! I needed that. Booked Martins ticket!!! ❤

October 31 2017- Tuesday
Rainy day!!! Had coffee outside in the rain. It was so perfect. Went to school around 10 until 2:30. It was good! Whitney had taken the day off, and Iliana is still sick, so we watched a movie, it was still good. I was so tired by the end of the day though. Went to Pailon a bit after school, picked up some fruits and veggies in the market, then came home. Went to Iliana and Johns a bit in the afternoon (for chocolate cake).

November 1 2017- Wednesday
ITS NOVEMBER!!!! And we were off to the swimming pool haha. Swim trip day! It was so good! and so hot! I got a really bad burn. I love seeing my students in a ‘not school’ envirement.

November 2 2017- Thursday
Got up around 8, and around 9:30 I decided to go to the city! So off I was. Went to starbucks. Had coffee and blogged. Needed today. This is how I relax. Alone, among the people. I love it.

Prayer Requests:
• Good last month of school
• My personal relationship with God
• Better health
• ***Language barrier***
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• To focus on God and make Him number 1 above all else
• For friendships
• Patience, wisdom, courage, love…

***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤