There’s a lot happening in our world right now.

And there’s probably a lot happening in your world right now.


There’s hurricanes ravaging through our hometowns.

There’s earthquakes hitting our neighbor countries.

There’s fires burning through our states.

There’s shootings taking place in unexpected places.


There’s daddies who are getting cancer.

There are relationships tearing apart.

There are addictions that are enslaving.


And there’s a lot more.

I am not going to pretend that I understand your little corner of the world. It’s probably vibrant and colorful at some moments and dark and dreadful at others. There’s probably so much going on that it makes your head spin and feel like a twister. And maybe it even looks pretty put-together but really on the inside it’s a hot mess- and not in the cute way.



In the moments of heart-ache, of frustration and grief, of envy and bitterness, of depression and despair, of anxiety and fear and chaos,

Don’t harden your heart.

It’s our natural, gut- intention to throw up our fists at God. To get mad and angry.

“God, why would you let this happen?”


My friend, I’ve done it all too many times.

“God! Why would you let this happen to me. To my family. To my friends. To Your people!”


And He loves us so deeply that He will let us scream and rant and cry and throw our fists up all we want.

And He will wait patiently for our emotions to be poured out.

And at the end,

There’s still grace. Abundant.


His eyes are filled with mercy. His heart is filled with compassion.


Hear His gentle and sweet voice,

He isn’t ruining your life.

He isn’t causing the brokenness and the heartache.


He’s the One saving you from it.


A long, long time ago,

There was a man and a woman in a perfect world, brimming with godly beauty, who walked daily in a Garden with God.

God created His world to be good.

God created the world, and He created you and me to be filled with the most bursting joy, with laughter and melodies on our lips, with bodies that were perfectly healthy and hearts that were perfectly whole.

And then, Adam and Eve ate that fruit. God said they could do anything, eat anything, except that one fruit.

And so, my friend, we were cast out the Garden, out of the Garden with God, out into a world where sin reigns and evil holds the power.

We are now living in that world- a world with broken bones and tear-filled eyes and bombs and hunger and grief and death.


It’s because of sin.


Oh, don’t be too deeply grieved, though, because it’s for but a moment.

Our God, the God who made us a long, long time ago, is the One who is saving us from all of this rampant evil and the curse of our sin.

It’s Good News, indeed!

Don’t lose me here, but lean in close- fix our eyes and let your heart hear these words, for they tell of the most beautiful thing of hope your ears could ever hear!


You see, this is the God whose eyes are filled with mercy and whose heart is filled with compassion.

This is the God who is justice and truth and righteousness, forever and everlasting.


When we were cast of the Garden, we were destined to die. A clock started ticking on our bodies and souls, and tick by tick by tick we got a little closer to the end of our lives- when actually we were meant to live forever.

It’s a tragedy of tragedies.

But, this God became a man.

Do you hear that?

This GOD, became, a, man.

Flesh and blood. He walked the dirt roads and ate hot bread and was invited over to people’s houses and cried and taught and did miracles.

And then, at the end of His life, as it was meant to be, He died on the cross and was laid, dead, in a tomb.

But, do you remember, this is no ordinary man, oh no! This is God!

He rose back to life three days later- conquering sin and evil, and is victorious over death!


He is the Savior!

He has come to save us from our sin which has so savagely entangled us.

He has come to break the chains of evil that grip our souls.

He has come to bring the Garden back- but this time, in a Kingdom. He will be our good, good King, and we will live again how we were always meant to- with melodies and strength and adventure and joy.


Oh, believe in His name!

Believe in the name of Jesus Christ- He is the Savior of the world! He is the Savior of your world.

Take your sorrows and tragedies, your fear and your despair, your brokenness and shame to Him!

He is the God whose eyes are filled with mercy, and His heart with compassion.


Don’t harden your heart against Him.

He is not ruining your world.

He is not causing your brokenness and heartache.


He is the One who is saving us from it.


Don’t harden your heart,

But instead let it sob, and weep, and fall at His feet.

Let it be soft, let it be gentle and tender.

Friend, He’s saving you from it all.


And I pray that you would believe that in your deepest heart of hearts of hearts.


May your soul know the presence and nearness of your Maker.

May your heart be filled with Light in the darkest of times.

May your eyes behold the glory and the goodness of your God.

May your lips sing His praises, even as your eyes tear up.

May you rejoice in hope, for all of the days of your life.


Give it all to Him. He’s worthy.