November 3 2017- Friday
Got up around 6, got ready, and headed off to school. School went really well today! Over all a really good day!:) After school, I came home, had lunch, did laundry and cleaned a bit. Around 4, Iliana came over and we had mangos and chilled. Then we went to her place and worked out! After, we walked to the store by the entrance for some powerade. Then we went to the Froeses and had tererè with them for a while! Came home, showered, Iliana brought supper over, and we watched a movie. We watched Little Rascals lol. Then around 9:30, she went home and I chilled a while then hit the hay!

November 4 2017- Saturday
Got up around 7:30, had my morning coffee, cleaned, folded laundry and got ready, I straightened my hair today! Martin was here around 11:30. We had lunch, and relaxed for a while, watching Netflix. Around 5, we headed to the city, and went to Be Coffee! It’s a really cute place close to the Centro Plaza! After, we went to Las Ruta Food Trucks with Bev & Dale, Henry & Judy, and Martin, Lucy and Judith Braun from La Crete. It was super cool. After supper, we headed home and relaxed a while then hit the hay.

November 5 2017- Sunday
Got up around 8, I couldn’t fall asleep until 6! Horrible night. Martin came over around 9, we had coffee and breakfast, and watched a few sermons. Had lunch, cleaned up, then we went to Iliana and Johns for tererè for almost 2 hours. Around 5, we went to Henry and Judys in Ibnias and shpitzeered for a while, then had supper with the same crew as yesterday.

November 6 2017- Monday
Got up at 4, had coffee with Martin, he left around 5. Then I got ready and headed off to school. Only me teaching today. School was ok, just tiring. After school I relaxed a bit, had a short nap. Relaxing day. Tired.

November 7 2017- Tuesday
guys i’ll be honest with you, today… today was hard. i had a free period first thing, so i got to come to school a bit later, then i prepared and printed a few worksheets for the classes today. I was actually pretty excited for today. Whitney and Iliana are both not able to teach again today, maybe not even all week. so i thought, “fun! i’ll have the chance to be creative and figure out something for the whole class. then, as i had my first class.. it wasn’t even a conversation class. and i felt like everything was crashing downhill. it’s a bit of a more challenging class, but i love those students. I really truly want them to learn.. but i just couldn’t do it today. i just really wanted to burst into tears and run out of the classroom. i just.. can’t. But then around 11:30, I started feeling a lot better! My conversation classes all went so so well! Even though I had both classes. I really enjoyed having them today! After school, I went home, relaxed, then worked out with Rissa over Skype, leg day. so painful. Then I relaxed for a few minutes talking with Rissa and mom. Around 4:30 i went to john and Ilianas and had tererè with them for a few hours! Eva came there as well and we talked about dates and things we need to do this next month and a half yet! Went home, made supper, and showered then relaxed by watching Netflix a little bit.

November 8 2017- Wednesday
Got up around 6, a bit later than i would have liked, got ready, then headed to school. i did songs in chapel today…. LAST TIME!!! School went well today. Wednesdays are usually pretty chill. After school, came home, chilled. Worked out in the evening. Very tired today.

November 9 2017- Thursday
Got up around 5:45, got ready, then headed to school. Iliana was here until about 10:30. I was feeling super gross all morning. Started feeling a bit better around lunch. My conversation classes all went super well again today! I played a guess who game with them and they loved it!!! Made my day so much better. :):) After school, I came home, relaxed until 3:30, then went to Ilianas and had tea! Around 5, Whitney came too. It was such a good time, talking, tea, and just therapy pretty much, exactly what I needed ❤ Went home around 6, made supper (kinda like a taco salad). And relaxed, talked to Martin (he has service in Cariño now!) until 8:30 and bedtime.

November 10 2017- Friday
Went to work around 6:45, today was not a very great day… it was the day that all the students get 200 b’s from the government or something. It was only supposed to start after lunch, but it started at around 8 already! I was in charge of putting on a movie for the primary students (elementary) I was in charge of setting it up and everything. It worked at first, but after the first movie was done, I was told to put on another one but all the students were complaining and wanting certain ones and the younger ones wanted more childish ones than the older ones but I only had the movies they gave me and everyone was upset with me and just being very rude. The spanish teachers were not helping me at all and I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying, I was so overwhelmed that I locked myself into the classroom. At 12:45, I went home, quickly changed, then Abe and Margaret picked me up to go to San Josè at 1:00. We were just picking up Anita and Ella when the meeting was cancelled due to a bloqueo in San Josè. So the 5 of us went for ice cream! We wanted to go to the ice cream place in Pailon but it was closed to we went to to entrance store here in Villa Nueva and had ice cream! It was so good. I’m so glad we did that, it was exactly what I needed after my day at school. I don’t see much of the mission team members, so it was nice to just sit with them a bit. Around 3:30, I went to Ilianas and Whitney came as well, we had tea and chilled, I love tea time. John was back around 6, we had tererè then I went home.

November 11 2017- Saturday
Got up around 7, got ready, then around 9 I went to Ilianas, and we did some baking and tea drinking! Whitney came for a while as well! It was good! Exactly what I needed! I loveeeee this morning!<3 Went home, cleaned a bit, then Martin came around 12! We went for lunch in Pailon with Whitney & David and Iliana & John! Went home, chilled a bit. At around 4 we went to Whitney and Davids new lot! (they moved their tiny house onto a lot in the back of Villa Nueva. Came home around 5, Martin and I had churasco (bbq) for supper. At 7 we went to Iliana and Johns for food and game night! Whitney and David were there too, as well as Ben. We had pumpkin pie and carrot cupcakes! So good!! We played slap, and Jenga. SOO many laughs and SOOO much fun!! Stayed until about 9:30.

November 12 2017- Sunday
Got up around 7, got ready, then had coffee with Martin. Went to church, and went for Salteña Sunday after. Was a pretty lazy Sunday. Tererè. Coffee. Chilling. I wasn’t feeling super great today.

November 13 2017- Monday
Got up at 4, had coffee with Martin, went back to sleep from 5-6. Feeling gross. Went to school. Iliana isn’t feeling well, so taught alone for half to day. Came home, had a nap, then went to Ilianas for tea. Chill day.

November 14 2017- Tuesday
Was feeling so much worse today so I didn’t go to school. Lay in bed all morning. Went to Ilianas, since she wasn’t in school either, and we had tea and watched a movie while being in pain. Went home. Lay in bed all day.

November 15 2017- Wednesday
Got up around 5:30, got ready and went to school. Taught alone today since Iliana was not feeling good. School went well though. Whitney helped me out first period which was a huge help!! Martin came to Villa Nueva this morning because he needs to go to the city to work on his passport. (it came back with mistakes again) They said it should only take 20 days.. so it should be here JUST in time for our flight!! I really hope so. So we went to the city after lunch, everything took a while. Had lunch at Factory which was really good!:) Got home around 6. John and Iliana came over to help Martin with something on his bike. Had tererè with them then relaxed a bit and hit the hay!

November 16 2017- Thursday
Got up around 6, had coffee with Martin, then he went back to Cariño. Then got ready and headed to school. Teaching alone again today, but it worked well! After school, I cleaned, then I had tea at Ilianas, then tererè with her and John when he was home from work at 6. Lazy evening which was good.

November 17 2017- Friday
Today was hard. I was not feeling good, but came to school anyway because well.. I have to otherwise there would be no english teacher. In one of my classes, the students would not stop passing notes no matter how often I told them to stop, so eventually I had to go and take them away. Of course they were about how lousy a teacher I am. It just really hurt. I’m not used to being ‘that’ teacher. I’m usually the one they like and is kinda fun. I guess I’m not like that anymore. It’s just really hard not knowing the language that everyone else knows and not feeling good and having to do it all alone and not getting any respect from many students.. it’s just hard. It was not students that I have more one on one so I know they don’t actually know me but.. what a way to end the year. Anyway, after school, I went with the micro (bus) to Pailon and went to Santa Cruz. I went to Starbucks, but no matter what I just couldn’t relax. So I went to the grocery store, picked up a few things, then headed home. I was home around 5:30. At 6, Iliana and John invited me over for tererè. So I went there, had tererè, then they invited me to stay for supper right away! John went and got chicken from Ali’s in Pailon. Around 8:30 I went home and I could finally relax. It was so good! Hit the hay around 11.

November 18 2017- Saturday
Got up at 6. Got ready, then went to Ilianas at 7. Had french toast. It was so good!! She made it with pound cake instead of regular bread. Chilled, had tea, it was a really good Saturday morning! Went home around 10, got ready and cleaned the house. Martin was here around 12, we had lunch, then relaxed a little. Iliana and John came over around 2, and we played aggravation and had tererè until about 4:30, then we decided to go for supper and ice cream in Pailon with them. After supper we picked up a few things in the market, while Martins bike was getting an oil change, and then went to Iliana and Johns and watched Despicable Me 3.

November 19 2017- Sunday
Got up around 7, did dishes and cleaned and got ready. Martin came around 9. We had breakfast and our coffee. Chilled. Had lunch. Then went to a store to buy ice cream. It was so good!! At 3 we went to Iliana and John for tererè. Around 5:30, they came over and we had a churasco (beef ribs) They left around 9 and I went straight to bed!

November 20 2017- Monday
Got up at 5:30, got ready, Martin came around 6 and we had coffee. 6:45 I headed off to work. Work went well. Iliana was here the whole day which made SUCH a big difference! After school, Martin and I went to Iliana and we had sopa de mani. It was so good! My favourite Bolivian soup! Around 4 Martin left for Cariño and I went to Ilianas for tea. Had tererè when John came home at 6. Stayed for another 30 min then I went home and made supper! Decided to not go to the Camino for the last night here after all. Just so much money for one night, when there are bills that need to be paid and such. Arranged that Anne and Diedrich would take us to the airport!

November 21 2017- Tuesday
3 MORE WEEKS!!!! Got up around 6:30, got ready and walked to the school around 7:30. School went well today. Iliana was there only until lunch, then she left due to being sick. Shortly before lunch, there were many people with video cameras and cameras taking many videos of us. SOOO awkward lol. It was funny seeing how the students responded though! During lunch recess, while I was on supervision I had some really good moments with a few students. Helps SOOO much that I can some-what understand what they are saying!! After school, as I was walking home, one of my students saw me walking a ways behind him and he stood and waited for me to get there. Then he walked part of the way home with me. We were just being silly and his laugh…. ❤ I went home, relaxed a bit, then Iliana came over and we looked to Spanish sermons to show in chapel tomorrow. We found one of Dr. Charles Stanley on rebellion. While we were waiting for it to download, we went to Mrs. Froese and bought some chicken breast and eggs from her. We stayed for about an hour having tererè with her. It was good! After, we went to Ilianas and made some iced coffee! Chilled outside with Iliana and John for a bit, then went home, ate supper and relaxed. Think i’ll take a break from social media for a bit.. I want to anyway. All this posting every day is draining me. Can’t wait until I’m home and only need to post when I actually want to.

November 22 2017- Wednesday
Got up around 6, woke up a few times in the night because of the rain. Got ready and headed to school. Showed the sermon video in chapel. Not very many were into it.. School went well though. Iliana wasn’t in school today, but Whitney came to help out which was awesome! Mainly just chilling with students. When they are done their book they’re working on, they are done so it’s super chill! Can’t believe school is almost done. Exactly 3 weeks from now I will be chilling in Edmonton all day!!! ❤ After school, as I was walking home, the same student as yesterday waited for me and walked with me part of the way. Seriously so sweet. These kids make me so happy. I had lunch, took a nap, then went to Ilianas at 4. Whitney was there today as well! It was a great day with great conversation! ❤ Went home at 6:30, when I suddenly heard a bike brake behind me and it was one of my students on his new bike. He jumped off, ran to me, hugged me for a whole minute, said he was driving around with his brother, jumped back on his bike and took off lol So sweet. I think he knows how much I need hugs sometimes ❤ Anyway, when I was home, I made supper, deboned some chicken and relaxed.


Prayer Requests:
• Martins passport will be here on time
• That I will be who my students need me to be
• My personal relationship with God
• Health
• ***Language barrier***
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• For goodbyes </3
• For friendships
• Patience, wisdom, courage, love…

***My whatsapp number is +591 70280684.

Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤