November 23 2017- Thursday
Got up at 6, got ready and headed to school. As I was walking to school, a girl in my grade 1 class saw me coming and came walking towards me. She clung on to me, not letting go until I was inside of the school office. Guys.. how much these children desire to be shown love.. it blows me away. ❤ School went ok today. Iliana wasn’t feeling well, so I taught alone. After school, I went home, I cleaned a bit, then went to Ilianas for tea/tererè. Really gonna miss her.. Watched a movie and chilled with her.

November 24 2017- Friday
Got up, got ready for school, school went well! Iliana was back today! After school, I went home, had a nap, then went to Ilianas for coffee/terere. Went home around 6:30, made supper, and relaxed and had some me time.

November 25 2017- Saturday
Slept until 7, showered, got ready, did laundry, did dishes, then had coffee. Around 10, went to Iliana and Johns for some tererè. Chilled there for a while, then went home, had lunch, and relaxed. Martin came around 2. He had many troubles with his bike breaking down and having to catch rides. Went he got here, we had lunch, relaxed outside for a while, then went to Iliana and Johns around 3:15. We got a taxi and headed to the city! First, we went to the bowling place called cosmic bowling, it was a lot of run! We booked it for an hour. The bowling balls here are HUGE. After bowling, we walked to Factory, and had some delicious supper!! I really am going to miss Iliana and John so much…… After supper, we talked across the street to Starbucks! It was a good time! 🙂 Seriously.. I like this friendship.

November 26 2017- Sunday
Got up around 7:30, got ready, then went to the city. We went to Los Pozes and got some stuff for Martin. After, we went to Burger King for lunch. After lunch, we got a ride to the Plaza and did some souvenir shopping! So much fun!! Be Coffee was right close by so we went in there for some relaxing. After coffee, we went to the Mall, picked a movie we wanted to watch, walked around the mall a while, went into Starbucks, then at 5:30, we went to watch ‘La Razon Para Virir’ ’A Reason To Live’ it was really good, but really sad! Went home around 8, were home at 9!

November 27 2017- Monday
Woke up around 5:30, got ready, Martin came around 6, and we had coffee. Went to school, which was good! Super chill. After school, went home, made lunch, then chilled for a bit. Around 3 we went over to Arlie and Evas for our Mission Farewell/Prayer meeting. There were not a lot of people, but it was still good. We played some games, had fast, shpitzeered, then had some time in prayer ❤ It was really good. But emotional. So thankful for these people, and for Martin ❤ ❤ Went home around 8.

November 28 2017- Tuesday
Woke up around 6:15, got ready, Martin came over, and we had breakfast and coffee. I went to school around 7:45. School went well today! One of the last days so it was super chill. Terere with Iliana and John. Started packing in the evening.. Mucho mixed emotions…

November 29 2017- Wednesday
Got up around 6, had coffee, got ready and headed off to school. School went well again today.. I will so very much miss all my students… </3 After school Iliana and I went to the city to do her eye exam. After, we went into the cutest little souvenir village.. it was so cute! I wanted to buy everything! I found some things for the family so that was awesome:) On the way out I saw a guy with the prettiest old maps.. my weakness. I tried to look away… but I ended up buying one… lol Went to Be Coffee then headed home. Had terere with Iliana and John.

November 30 2017- Thursday
LAST DAY OF SCHOOL….. guys… no. It was a crazy hectic day with program rehearsal and everything but… guys…. ❤ After school, Martin and I went to the city to get a few things.

December 1 2017- Friday
ITS DECEMBER!!! & +34!! Got up around 7, got ready and went to the school at 8. We had a staff meeting this morning. I did the devotional. I was pretty nervous, but it went well:) (No no no not in Spanish, my friend Whitney translated for me) The meeting went until about 12:30, then went home, had lunch, then around 3 Martin and I went to the city to chill in Starbucks and buy a few Christmas gifts. Met everyone at the chinese restaurant around 7. (it was like 8:30 before everyone arrived though- bolivia) (We had our staff party tonight) We ate there.. i for some reason was a little not very.. didn’t have an appetite.. haha just so much funky stuff and nothing was labeled so i was so scared of what i was eating haha.. After supper, Martin and I grabbed a coffee and headed to the bowling place. It was so much fun!! I even won one round. I love these people. I love that I can be myself. I love that I can love them. Iliana and John and Martin and I got a ride back with Arlie and Eva! Got home super late! Like 12am.

December 2 2017- Saturday
Got up around 8, had coffee, got ready relaxed, then went to the church at 1, got things set up and the program started at 1:30 (more like 2:30 because well.. bolivia) The program all went really well!! I love my kids so much…. </3 ❤ I even went up and they prayed for me and had a blessing and a gift for me! (a bolivian stone necklace) (I had wanted one since I arrived) After the program, there was a fast thing at the school! Watermelon and roll-kuchen! So good!!! Seeing all these little people walking around with a slice bigger than their head just gave me so much joy!! After faspa, I was feeling SOOOO tired. So went home and had a nap.

December 3 2017- Sunday
Slept until almost 8, got up had coffee and listened to a sermon from the CCC website. No church today because there is some voting thing that the whole country has to do, and the rules today are no driving, and no more than 10 people gathered in one place. Strange, I know. So around 10, we went over to Iliana and Johns and had coffee. It wasn’t long and Ben, Whitney & David, and Tina arrived as well! We had coffee, prepared lunch, then went to my place and the guys did the meat and us ladies chilled and talked. Guys… my heart is so here…. like for real… We had soo much food! Like 50 chicken kabobs, 4 kg of pork, and beef ribs and garlic toast, and chips and dip!!! Insane.. crazier thing is almost everything was gone at the end of lunch!! haha. Cleaned up a bit then chilled some more. Played games, had terere, took pictures… it was so good! Around 5, Martin and I went to Anne and Diedrichs for a bit for terere, we also had a few hot dogs and coffee while sitting outside shpitzeering! Turns out their daughter Barb and her husband and kids are moving into my house! So i’ll just move out my things a bit sooner and that way they can start getting more settled. Anne and Diedrich offered to keep my things there while we go to Cariño on Tuesday and then we can stay there free of charge for the weekend before we go! After we went home and quickly packed up things!

December 4 2017- Monday
Got up around 7, got ready and went to school. We had a short meeting and cleaned the school! We were done around 12:30, then we went for lunch with Whitney and David and Iliana and John! Had soda de mani. Martin likes the soup bit not the place haha. It’s in this big shop like thing with many people serving and making food. Not the cleanest place anyway. Relaxed the rest of the day. After, I got ALL my things packed up in the house and we got the over to Anne and Diedrich. Spent the night there.

December 5 2017- Tuesday
Got up around 5, it was a rainy morning, got ready, got our things packed for the week, and walked to the entrance to see if we could flag down a bus or trophy/taxi! We got a big bus almost instantly! And we were off to San Julian. When we got there, we expected to have to wait until the big bus was there which would be a good hour or 2. But there was a little taxi that was going almost right away, so that was perfect! He drove us to nueclo 53. We asked him if he could drive us to Cariño which is only a little ways away, because Martins family was not home. But he wouldn’t do it because the roads were terrible since it was raining… So we sat there awkwardly in the car for a good half hour, then we got out and started to walk. I almost fell down a few times because it was soon slippery! Until i took off my shoes, then it worked a bit better. We walked for probably a bit over and hour, and we still weren’t nearly there, it was difficult with our heavy bags and the slippery roads. Martin started holding out his thumb and the next vehicle stopped and gave us a ride to Martins parents place!! SOOOO thankful!!!! It was still another 15 minutes of driving so it would have taken us forever!! Got there, looked at the little baby calf!! SOOOO cute and looked at the pigs and other farm animals, then had lunch and a nap. Got up around 3:30, made coffee and then the kids were back from school! So we had a little faster with them and then sat outside. Was a really really chill day after that, after supper a couple came over and we shpitzeered for a while.

December 6-8 2017- Wednesday-Friday
Slept until about 7, got ready, had breakfast, had coffee.. guys i don’t really have anything big that happened, it was just super chill this week.. ate mangos, tanned, walked through rice fields, helped Martins little sister write her name many times.. ate more mangos, drank more coffee.. celebrated a birthday.. was a very relaxing week, I loved it. Friday we left around lunch, said goodbyes… </3 and headed back to Villa Nueva. I had to be there in the evening for the grade 12 graduation! It was beautiful. ❤

December 9 2017- Saturday
Chill. Lunch. Movies. Terere. Tiny house visits.

December 10 2017- Sunday
Exactly a year since Martin and my first official date!!!! ❤ Church in the morning… Last german church service! ❤ Spent The day with Iliana and John, terere, chilling, packing, moving. Went for supper with Iliana and John, Whitney and David, Tina, and Ben. After we went to Iliana and Johns to chill. They laughed at me.. apparently milking cows can have horns…. who knew… lol.. I will miss this so much…

December 11 2017- Monday
Last day………. nooooooo. I’m not ready to leave……. Got up at 5, Arlie picked us up, Martin needed to go to the city to pay for not voting, because otherwise they won’t let him out of the city… got to the city, found out it’s not true. So we went to Alexander Coffee, then went back to Villa Nueva. Were back around 10:30. Relaxed. Then went for lunch in Pailon with Whitney & David and Iliana & John. Met Bev and Dale there. Goodbyes… I will miss everything about this place so much.. Walking along the street in Villa Nueva, and having kids running up to me to give me a hug is my favourite thing ever. We had planned on going to the city for supper with Diedrich and Anne, but there was talk of a bloqueo, so we just went for supper in Pailon, then headed to the airport… flew out at 2am!!!

Arrived in Panama, said goodbye to Iliana and John, (we had the same first flight) then Houston, and arrived in Edmonton around 7:30pm on Tuesday!! Flights all went really well!:)

Prayer Requests:
• PRAISE ITEM: Got Martins Passport
• Safe Travels
• My personal relationship with God
• Health
• Adjustment to life back in Canada, but not conform to the busyness.
• To truly let Jesus’ love and light shine through me
• For friendships
• Job

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Thank you everyone,
all my love,
Joanna ❤