adam and eve.

when they were in the garden,

they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,

after GOD had told them not to.

so what did they do when faced with this guilt and shame?

they did the same two things that we are prone to do when we sin.


they attempted to remedy the situation on their own apart from GOD.

“they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loin cloths.” genesis 3:7

we’ll come up with a solution.

we’ll fix this.

we’ll improve the situation.

we will save ourselves.

or so we think.


number two,

they hid.

“they heard the sound of the LORD GOD walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD among the trees of the garden.” genesis 3:8

so here we have fear as they are exposed.

their intimacy with GOD is broken.

they’re not standing out in the open before GOD,

naked and unashamed.

they’re hiding behind the bushes from GOD,


wrapped up in these clothes that they’ve put together from fig leaves.

they’re hiding;

they’re exposed;

the intimacy has been broken.

they’re separated from GOD.

in verse 9,

we see the amazing mercy and grace of GOD.

“but the LORD GOD called to the man and said to him, “where are you?” genesis 3:9

GOD is saying,

come out of your hiding place.

you don’t have to hide.

yes, you’ve sinned,

and yes,

there will be consequences



you need a SAVIOUR.

the fact that GOD called to the man and said,

“where are you?”

is that not an awesome expression of GOD’s mercy and grace?

HE could have wiped them out without another word.

HE said,

“in the day you sin, you will die.”

GOD is a redeeming GOD.

the world,

the devil,

our flesh tell us,

“have it your way, you’ll be happy.”

that’s what eve thought.

it was desirable;

it was pleasant.

she thought it would make her happy,

but instead it brought pain.

sin always,


brings pain.

sin takes the beauty and the grandeur out of GOD’s creation and makes it ugly and twisted.

sin has separated every human from GOD,

and it has made us incapable of reflecting HIS image,

as we were created to do.

so where’s the hope?

the only hope for sin,

the only hope for healing from sin’s consequences in our own lives,

is in the gospel.

through CHRIST,

the image of GOD,

which has been broken and distorted by sin can be restored.

HE’s a redeeming GOD,

who through the shed blood of CHRIST at calvary,

has pardoned guilty sinners,

and will one day abolish sin completely.

HE will reverse the curse that sin brought to this earth.

by His grace,

GOD will restore those that HE has redeemed,

to a position even more splendid than that in the garden.

there will be a new heaven,

a new earth more glorious than the one that was ruined by sin.

come out from your hiding place.

repent of your sin,

acknowledge your sin.

trust in CHRIST.

and HE will save you.

HE will clothe you in HIS righteousness.