so im not sure exactly who’s been praying for me..

but thank you.

GOD has really been at work in my life.

HE is opening my eyes.

softening my heart.

giving me strength.

& things have been happening.



there are many things i have been struggling with,

for a long time.

but with GOD’s help,

with HIS strength,

a few of HIS children,

HIS faithfulness,

HIS grace,

i have been set free.

free from bondage.

free from guilt.

free from shame.


now don’t get me wrong,

i still struggle.

i probably always will.

but GOD has set me free.

i am not longer a slave to sin.

i am a child of GOD.

sanctification is painful.

but wow.

GOD is at work.


i have been learning more.


my heart had hardened,

i was no longer that ‘apple crisp heart’ girl.

you know,

that girl who felt e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

who broke for the broken.

who just.. you know..?

i had started going backwards.

not reading.

not praying.

not feeling.


i had become numb.

i refused to feel.

(i’m not saying feelings are everything.

i have just always been a wearing my heart on my sleeve kind of girl.

but that had changed.)

i refused to receive anything.

i refused to let anything sink in.

i started avoiding fellow brothers & sisters in CHRIST.

because i felt intimidated.

i wasn’t certain of anything.

especially anything when it came to spiritual or theologic.

i was tired of the same arguments.


i just completely removed myself from those situations.


i have just listened.

listened to their points.

studied the scripture.

spent much more time in prayer.

and something i hate doing,

i started asking questions.

i hate asking questions.

i’ve realized it’s been pride.

fear of man.

that they would see how lost i truly am.

but as soon as i did these things.

GOD started revealing so much to me.

revealing who HE is.

what HE has done.

& that although i may be lost sometimes,

although i may be broken,

GOD can use that for HIS glory.


something many people have been asking me about..

the tumour that i had,

is GONE!

GOD is so good.

it was still there when we started going to the doctors after Christmas,

sometime in between visits with my specialist in the city,

it just vanished.

i am blown away.

the doctors cannot understand it either.

i will still be having regular checkups to keep an eye out..

but as of right now,

its gone!

GOD has taken that burden from me.

although my health is not to where i would like it to be quite yet,

although i may always live with this disease,

i am so grateful and thankful that i can rest in HIM.

our LORD is so good.

HE was good before.

HE was good during.

HE is good now.

HE is good always.

in the process of it all,

it was hard.

hard to understand.

hard to know why.

but just by trusting HIM,

& HIS plan,

HE has continued to show me who HE is.

how powerful HE is.

how loving HE is.

how mighty HE is.

how great HE is.

how awesome HE is.

i am truly in awe of our LORD.


“The Rock! HIS work is perfect,

for all HIS ways are just;

a GOD of faithfulness & without injustice,

righteous and upright is HE.”

deuteronomy 32:4


“and you were dead in your trespasses and sins,

in which you formerly walked according to the course of the world,

according to the prince of power of the air,

of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience.

among them too all formerly lived in the lusts of our flesh,

indulging the desires of the flesh and mind,

and were by nature children of wrath,

even as the rest.”

ephesians 2:1-3


“i will say to the LORD,

‘my refuge and my fortress,

my GOD in whom i trust!'”

psalm 91:2


“who does great and unsearchable things,

wonders without number.”

job 5:9


“JESUS CHRIST is the same

yesterday today and forever.”

hebrews 13:8



with love,